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Two Worlds

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Two Worlds

Southpeak Interactive / 2007-08-21

Role Playing Game

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Game Details

Two Worlds™ is a role-playing adventure that allows you to completely shape the story in which you take part. Overthrow kings, sack cities, eradicate entire organizations, the actions you take matter. It's up to you to save the world … or destroy it.

* Vibrant world: The game offers a freedom of choice unseen in any other role-playing adventure. The world literally comes to life, reacting and changing to decisions made by the player.

* Natural character development: Experiment with different careers and reverse your choices if necessary. Experience total open and unlimited character development.

* Dynamic combat: Spectacular and dynamic combat combines intuitive controls, intense action, tactical challenges and movie-like visuals. Even traps and snares can be used to weaken the enemy. A deep and intuitive weapon upgrade and enchanting system will keep your tools of the trade sharp and ready for action.

* Creative magic: Use a unique magic system assembling your spells by collecting, combining, and arranging arcane cards.

* Mounted travel and combat: Choose from a wide array of mounts to travel and fight on, from horses to tamed lizards and other beasts.

* Stunning graphics: Beautifully rendered terrains feature ultra-sharp texturing and stunning design, combined with a sophisticated weather system and hyper-realistic physics. Seamless indoor/outdoor environments help create more realistic urban environments.

* Multiplayer: Up to 8 Xbox 360™ players online.

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Reply #8

2009-02-11 00:00:00

Bonuscode 9728-1349-2105-2168 = Armor of Darkness

BonusCode 9470-4690-1542-1152 = Aziraal's Sword of Fire

Bonuscode 9470-6557-8820-9563 = Great Shield of Yatolen

Bonuscode 9144-3879-7593-9224 = Spear of Destiny

Bonuscode 9447-1204-8639-0832 = The Great Bow
of Heaven's Fury

twoworldscheats 1 AddExperiencePoints X = Gives you X number of Experience Points.

twoworldscheats 1 AddGold X = X here will equal how much gold you get.

twoworldscheats 1 AddParamPoints = Gives you X number of Param Points.

twoworldscheats 1 AddSkillPoints X = = Gives you X number of Skill Points.

twoworldscheats 1 Create Lockpick = As expected, makes a lockpick.

twoworldscheats 1 Create Personal_Teleport = Creates a teleport stone for you.

twoworldscheats 1 Create Teleport_Activator = This gives you back your teleport activator should you lose it.

twoworldscheats 1 ec.dbg levelup = This automatically levels you up.

twoworldscheats 1 ec.dbg skills = This automatically unlocks all skills in the game for you.

twoworldscheats 1 ResetFog = This uncovers the map.

twoworldscheats 1 ec.dbg levels X = This automatically brings you to whatever characte level that X indicates.

Reply #7

2008-06-04 00:00:00

ok you guys send me some unicorn potions and illl pay u alot or ill give you a sick weapon

Reply #6

2008-05-27 00:00:00

If anyone has any extra unicorn potions send me a message or a friend request to INSANExXFACTER or if anyone needs help levelin up sned me a request or message im always happy to help and i never scame ppl

Reply #5

2008-04-05 00:00:00

i enter the master code but they wont work anyone that can help me add or message me on xbox live at hadies death

hadies death
Reply #4

2008-03-11 00:00:00

if anybody needs any gold or spell cards or anything just add me and ask my gamertag is
xyous pheb cara

Reply #3

2007-09-14 00:00:00

Ive been roaming this god-forsaken desert for hours....anyone know where to find the crystals so i can bash this albino?

Reply #2

2007-09-08 00:00:00

Entering PC Codes on XBOX 360 Version

First of all, please note that Bonus codes do NOT stop you from getting achievements. But all other codes DO.

To open the code menu hold down LB + RB and hit A. You will see a small text box appear. Now hit X to open up the keyboard menu.

Remember, only codes that start with "Bonuscode" will not affect your acheivements.

All codes other than the Bonuscodes require you to put in "twoworldscheats 1" first before entering the code. This will permanently disable achievements for this character.

ec.dbg addskillpoints: Add skill points
AddGold X: Adds Gold where XXXX is the amount of gold added
AddParamPoints: Adds Param Points, where X is the number of points added
AddSkillPoints X: Adds Skill Points, Where X is the number of skill points added
AddExperiencePoints XXX: Adds XXX amounts of experience
Bonuscode 9728-1349-2105-2168: Armor of Darkness
BonusCode 9470-4690-1542-1152: Aziraal's Sword of Fire
Create Lockpick: Creates a lockpick
Bonuscode 9470-6557-8820-9563: Great Shield of Yatolen
ec.dbg levelup: Level Up
ec.dbg skills: Makes all skills available
Create Teleport_Activator: Recover lost teleport activator
ResetFog: Reveal Map
Bonuscode 9470-6557-8820-9563: Spear of Destiny
Bonuscode 9447-1204-8639-0832: The Great Bow of Heaven's Fury
Jump2: Transports player to where mouse is pointing
PhysX.Door.RemoveAll 1: Walk through doors and walls

Reply #1

2007-09-08 00:00:00

Xbox Live Achievements

Cast Chamber 5 Spell (10): Cast a Chamber 5 spell.
Created a Bomb (10): Create at least one bomb.
Created a Permanent Potion (20): Create at least one permanent potion.
Created a Potion (5): Create at least one potion.
Created a Weapon Enchancer (15): Create at least one weapon enchancer.
Created Class 10 Item (15): Create at least one item with quality class 10.
Created Class 2 Item (5): Create at least one item with quality class 2.
Defeated the Grand Enemy (370): Defeat the Grand Enemy in the main storyline.
Delivered the Relic to Qudinar (20): Deliver the assembled Relic to Qudinar in the main storyline.
Destroyed the Great Pentagram (25): Destroy the Great Pentagram in the main storyline.
Discovered 10 Locations (10): Discover 10 different locations.
Discovered 20 Locations (10): Discover 20 different locations.
Discovered 50 Locations (20): Discover 50 different locations.
Found the Air Element (20): Find the Air Element in the main storyline.
Found the Earth Element (20): Find the Earth Element in the main storyline.
Found the Fire Element (20): Find the Fire Element in the main storyline.
Found the Relic Frame (20): Find the Relic Frame in the main storyline.
Found the Water Element (20): Find the Water Element in the main storyline.
Killed a Dragon (10): Kill a Dragon.
Killed a Stone Golem (10): Kill a Stone Golem.
Learned 10 Skills (10): Learn 10 different skills.
Learned 20 Skills (20): Learn 20 different skills.
Learned 5 Skills (5): Learn 5 different skills.
Learned All Skills (50): Learn all the skills in the game.
Made Successfull Teleportation (5): Make at least one successful teleportation.
Opened Master Lock (10): Open at least one Master Lock.
Reached Character Level 10 (10): Reach character level 10.
Reached Character Level 20 (10): Reach character level 20.
Reached Character Level 35 (20): Reach character level 35.
Reached Character Level 5 (5): Reach character level 5.
Reached Character Level 50 (50): Reach character level 50.
Reached Skill Level 10 (20): Reach level 10 in one skill.
Rode a Horse (5): Ride a horse at least once.
Summoned a Creature (5): Summon at least one creature.
Used a Boosted Spell (5): Use a spell enchanced with special booster cards.
Visited 10 Undergrounds (10): Visit 10 different underground locations.
Visited 20 Undergrounds (20): Visit 20 different underground locations.
Visited All Black Towers (5): Visit all the Black Towers in the game.
Visited all Graveyards (10): Visit all the graveyards in the game.
Visited All Locations (50): Visit all the locations in the game.
Visited All Undergrounds (20): Visit all the underground locations in the game.

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two worlds xbox 360 cheat/ glitch

i found out a way to get the first part of the relic without earning it.. sorry about the loud bird squaking

Two Worlds Walkthrough Part One

Part one of on going walkthrough please tell me quests that people want to see and all that fun stuff and i will look into doing the quest so far just doing a few uploads a day dont expect much on weekends wednesdays will probably be the most active day for uploads





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