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Shadow Complex

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Shadow Complex

Microsoft / 2009-08-07

Shooter / First Person Shooter

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Game Details

From blockbuster developers Epic Games and Chair Entertainment comes the next evolution in Xbox LIVE Arcade games. Powered by the industry-leading Unreal Engine 3, Shadow Complex is the height of single player old-school action side-scrolling design combined with the modern action of cutting-edge 3D gameplay. Originally only available only as a download through Xbox LIVE Arcade using Microsoft Points, Shadow Complex can now be yours via online game code, which can instantly be redeemed by anyone. Players will still need both an Xbox 360 console connected to broadband Internet and an Xbox LIVE Silver or Gold account for game download and play.

Shadow Complex game logo
Containing a story written by noted comic book author Peter David, and set in the world of well-known science fiction author, Orson Scott Card's novel, "Empire", Shadow Complex is the story of Jason Fleming and his girlfriend Claire. While camping in the wilderness, Claire sets off to explore a nearby cavern and unwittingly stumbles upon a shocking surprise: an underground and heavily militarized base of a mysterious group known as the Progressive Restoration. Taken prisoner by representatives of the organization she is dragged into the bowls of a mountain, which soon incites the worried Jason to come searching for her. But what he finds is more than he ever could have bargained for. Facing a host of enemies utilizing advance technology, he uses his ever growing experience under pressure and every tool, weapon or gizmo that he possess or procures not only to find Claire, but also determine the truth behind the true aims of the Progressive Restoration.

Game hero Jason Fleming from Shadow Complex

Reveal the threat of the Progressive Restoration as Jason Fleming.
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Gameplay in Shadow Complex is centered around single player exploration of, and combat throughout the Progressive Restoration's complex, and eventually into the larger world surrounding it. Playing as Jason Fleming, action unfolds primarily via a traditional side-scrolling game mechanic, with environments, characters and action rendered in a mix of 2D and 3D, with camera angle changes adding extra perspectives. Filled with increasingly challenging, fast-paced combat players must gather game-altering power-ups and accumulate an arsenal of futuristic weapons which are imperative to overcoming obstacles and thwarting legions of enemies—both human and mech. The game world of Shadow Complex contains a significant level of open-world characteristics, allowing players to explore and choose how they will solve the problems and defeat enemies. Successes in these matters earns players experience points which can be used to upgrade abilities, health, weapons, ammunition and the game's powerful mechanized armor. The game also contains challenge levels, known as proving grounds, in which players take on specific challenges using specific weapons and abilities. Success in challenges are ranked and viewable on leaderboards on Xbox LIVE, along with other stats accumulated in the main campaign.

Key Game Features

  • Original Game - This completely original game features full 3D side-scrolling action. The incredible Next-Gen graphics and robust physics combine with an open, evolving world design mixed with an awesome, compelling action-thriller story.
  • Powerups - Seek out 17 unique game altering powerups, with more than 100 additional items and modifiers to discover and use.
  • Bad Guys - Fight against a large variety of enemies and experience massive, jaw-dropping boss battles.
  • Pick Up and Play - The super-tight controls are simple and intuitive, but also allow advanced players additional depth and precision.
  • Award Winning Talent - Developed by Chair Entertainment, creators of OXM's Downloadable Game of the Year, Undertow, and produced by Epic Games, creators of Gears of War.
  • Noted Scriptwriter - Shadow Complex features a script written by Peter David, one of the most popular comic book writers of all time. It's the first game to be set in the Chair's Empire universe and is based upon the best-selling novel by Orson Scott Card.
  • Gameplay Variety - Players experience superior gameplay variety via multiple difficulty settings, competitive leaderboards, challenge levels, clever achievements and bonus objectives.
Additional Screenshots:
Close-up of melee action in Shadow Complex

3D action in a side-scroller.
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Battling a mech in Shadow Complex

Fast-paced intense action.
Fighting above ground in Shadow Complex

Fight above & below ground.
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Using the foam ability while platforming in Shadow Complex

Develop special abilities.
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