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Samurai Shodown Sen

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Samurai Shodown Sen

XSEED Games / 2010-03-30


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Game Details

Samurai Shodown Sen is a 3D one-on-one, sword-based fighting game set in a quasi historical Japanese setting. The eleventh overall game in the long-lived and popular Samurai Shodown series, it features 24 available fighters, more than half of which are returning from earlier game versions. It is also the first release in the franchise designed for play on the Xbox 360, and as such contains platform specific features such as expanded multiplayer options both online and offline, as well as Xbox LIVE functionality.

Samurai Shodown Sen game logo
Samurai Shodown Sen key art

The Samurai Shodown franchise comes to Xbox 360.
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Samurai Shodown Comes to the Next Gen Platform
Celebrate the 17th anniversary of SNK Playmore's revered weapons-based fighting franchise with the most brutal and visceral Samurai Shodown installment ever produced – Samurai Shodown Sen. Set during the twilight days of Japan's feudal Edo period, this latest iteration reveals a society on the brink of collapse, as encroaching Western influences threaten to overrun the ancient, once-hidden culture of lords, serfs, and samurai. Impressive 3D visuals, a huge roster of new and returning fighters, brutal finishing moves and online play and leaderboards via Xbox Live complete the series' much anticipated rebirth on a Next-Gen platform.

Samurai Shodown Sen, like previous releases in the Samurai Shodown franchise, is a sword-based, one-on-one fighting game set in a quasi historical Japanese setting. Although the game does contain samurai characters, players can choose from a variety of different types of fighters, both strictly Japanese and otherwise. Many of these are brand new to the series, while others make a return from earlier games. Each warrior has a set of standard offensive, defensive and combos moves, as well as unique attacks and finishing moves. In addition, this being the first Samurai Shodown game developed for play on a Next-Gen console, players also have access to online gameplay options available through Xbox LIVE, as well as a wide variety of gameplay modes, both online and offline.

Key Game Features

  • Famed Samurai Shodown Series Reborn on Next-Gen Console – High-resolution 3D visuals bring the evocative feudal Japanese settings to life.
  • 24 Unique Fighters to Choose From – 13 fan favorites such as Haohmaru, Hanzo, and Jubei return along with the addition of 11 new fighters such as Takechiyo and Princess Suzu make for a massive roster of unique fighting styles to master.
  • Fight With Style and Finish With Brutality – The new gameplay system consists of a combination of horizontal and vertical slashes, deadly rage explosions, and multi-hit Aerial combos, culminating with devastating finishing moves to end a match with gruesome flair.
  • Pit Your Skills Against the Best on Xbox Live – Head-to-head online combat via Xbox Live, featuring a worldwide online ranking system.
  • Wide Variety of Gameplay Modes to Master – Other modes such as Arcade Mode featuring a unique storyline for each selectable character, Survival Mode to test your mettle with successive bouts against an endless procession of opponents, and Practice Mode to sharpen your skills by training against a customizable A.I. opponent, give the player all the tools needed to become a legendary Samurai warrior.
Additional Screenshots:
Classic one-on-one fighter combat from Samurai Shodown Sen

Classic one-on-one combat.
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Warrior select screen from Samurai Shodown Sen

24 fighter choices.
Sword stroke from Samurai Shodown Sen

Historical Japanese setting.
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Special combo from Samurai Shodown Sen

Multiplayer online and off.
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