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Urbz, The: Sims in the City

Electronic Arts / 2004-11-09


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Game Details

The Sims have moved to the City where action is 24/7 and reputation means everything. Sims who live in the City are known as The Urbz, and they have a bold new look and attitude. Go to work and be challenged by bosses at locations like the Sushi Bar, Chop Shop, or Bootleg Fireworks, Inc. Success at work brings promotions, access to new power socials and gear to influence your new lifestyle. Flaunt your attitude by styling your Urbz using the detailed new character engine; then cross the velvet ropes of an uptown night club or explore the subway to earn new skills and items for your high-rise crib. It's up to you whether your Urbz become big-time players on the street or are lost in the crowd. It's all about reputation as The Urbz are living the dream in a City that never sleeps.

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Reply #44

2009-07-12 00:00:00

Cheat gnome
While playing the game, quickly press Left, Y, Down, A, X. The cheat gnome will appear somewhere in the district.

Maximum Physical skill
Enable the "Cheat gnome" code. While playing the game, quickly press L, R, A, Down, Black.

Maximum Mental skill
Enable the "Cheat gnome" code. While playing the game, quickly press L, B, A, Black, Down.

Maximum Artistic skill
Enable the "Cheat gnome" code. While playing the game, quickly press Y, Down, Black, A, B.

Acquire skill object
Enable the "Cheat gnome" code. While playing the game, quickly press L, Black, Right, X, Left.

Power Socials
Enable the "Cheat gnome" code. While playing the game, quickly press Down, Black, Right, X, Left.

All Socials
Enable the "Cheat gnome" code. While playing the game, quickly press Black, Up, Y, Down, R.

All districts
Enable the "Cheat gnome" code. While playing the game, quickly press R, Left, B, Down, White.

Raise motives
Enable the "Cheat gnome" code. While playing the game, quickly press R, L, Down, Black, Left, B.

Fast forward six hours
Enable the "Cheat gnome" code. While playing the game, quickly press Black, Down, R, L, Down, Y.

View development team
Enable the "Cheat gnome" code. At the credits screen, quickly press Up, Down, X, Up, Down.

Easy money
Enable the "Cheat gnome" code, then the "Power Socials" code as many times as desired. Sell the Power Social items obtained. You can repeat this as much as desired.

Easy rep
Go to Skyline Beach and get past the bouncer at midnight. You might need the style and some, but it will be worth it. Someone will give you a Power Social. Start to use it on everybody. Keep in a good mood and keep using it. You will become the player on Skyline Beach. Additionally, socials that are green are more likely to succeed; however red socials can reap larger rewards, just at a higher risk to your current reputation.

Easy food
If your Sim is hungry and low on money, instead of paying a machine, try kicking it. This may take a few attempts, but food will come out for your Sim to eat for free.

Better mood
You can get your mood up all the way by creating another character and making sure that the Sim in the bad mood is in the apartment. Play with the new character for awhile, then go back to the main character. He or she will be in a very good mood.

Secret bonus closet
When you move to the Blankwood Towers apartment, there is a secret closet. You cannot put it in your inventory, so it cannot go in other apartments. Its secret clothing depends on your Urbz's gender. Males will get Darius' tracksuit, with glasses, shoes and hat. Females will get Roxanna Moxie's costume, including hat and leggings. Roxanna Moxie is a character from the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS version of the game. Both secret sets of clothing are neutral for all districts.

Hidden Power Social
Look in the dumpster in Blankwood Towers. You will find a Blast I Kiss in it, but look twice. Additionally, spend some time in every dumpster. You will be rewarded for "DumpsterDiving".

Placing objects
You can buy and place objects in any of the districts. Just buy it or put it in your inventory then place it in any district. Note: If you place too many objects the chance of a fire increases.

Face on signs and shirt
When you become a superstar (level 35) at Skyline Beach, all the signs around you will have your face on them. You can also have your face on a custom-made shirt.

Reply #43

2008-10-12 00:00:00

I am in Gasoline Row, I just entered the gnome cheat, WHERE THE HEY IS THE GNOME?

Reply #42

2008-09-21 00:00:00

haw do you get the cheat gnome to come.. which thumbstick do you have to use- the left right or flat one?

Reply #41

2008-08-30 00:00:00

Ive Done Everything. Ive Done The Cheat Nome and i know how to activate the cheats but for some reason My MAX MENTAL SKILL Wont work? is there any other cheat for it?

Reply #40

2008-07-06 00:00:00

you have to unlock the chet gnome first. someone tell me how to do that.

Reply #39

2008-06-13 00:00:00

hey i got all of the answers that you need just write back @ @

urbz master
Reply #38

2008-01-08 00:00:00

wen u unlock the cheat gnome you will hear like a sighing sound but if you do the code agen u will hear sum kina grunty sounds the gnome is dressed in blue and is usually either by the subway steps or rite on the outer parts of the district you have to put in other codes before you can click on the gnome e.g. RISE MOTIVES .. during game play quickly press R ,L ,Down ,Black ,Left ,B. your motives wont fill up straight away you have to then find the gnome and click on him there then should show a list of all the cheats you've put in and at thje top it shud say SIM... go on that and it should say raise motives but the cheat doessnt always work first time arround so keep doing it a few times but most of the time you will hear a little sigh sorta thing telling you its worked

Reply #37

2007-09-16 00:00:00

I thought that the cheats didnt work but the gnome is like floatin in the air just keep lookin for it! They do work!!

Reply #36

2007-08-21 00:00:00

i don't get it da cheats don't work

Reply #35

2007-08-14 00:00:00

if you keep kicking a snack or drink machine you will get some food or a drink

free food

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Cheat Codes

Unlock all Socials:
BLACK, UP (left stick), Y, DOWN (Directional-Pad), R

Unlock the Cheat Gnome:
LEFT + Y + DOWN + A + X

Acquire Skill:

Max Phystical:
L + R + A + DOWN + BLACK

Max Mental:
L + B + A + BLACK + DOWN

Max Artistic:
Y + DOWN + BLACK + A + B

Power Social:

Team Photo (from the credits screen):





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