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Star Trek: Shattered Universe

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Star Trek: Shattered Universe

TDK / 2004-01-13


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Game Details

The universe is not as you know it...Think Fast, Shoot Faster!

All hands to battle stations! Get ready for a frenetic, adrenaline pumping experience in an entirely new breed of Star Trek game - Star Trek Shattered Universe.

An intense, high-energy space-combat action game set in the dark mirror universe of Star Trek: The Original Series™ classic-era setting, Star Trek Shattered Universe challenges the player to adapt to a new reality where everything once familiar is now a dark reflection - where the noble Federation is now an evil and relentless foe.


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

At the main menu, press Black, L, B, L, R, Y, Y, B, White

Unlock All missions:
At the main menu, press Black, R, L, B, X, L, R, Y, White.

Unlock All User Ships:
At the main menu, press Black, L, X, L, X, R, R, B, White.

Award highest rank & all medals:
At the main menu, press Black, L, R, L, B, R, Y, L, White.

Enable Kobayashi Maru:
At the main menu, press Black, L, Y, L, L, X, Y, R, White.





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