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Shenmue 2

Sega / 2002-10-28

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

Ryo Hazuki's epic adventure is reborn once again as he arrives in the bay of Hong Kong, continuing the quest to avenge his father's murder by the mysterious Lan Di. Determined to unravel the mystery behind the Phoenix mirror, his journey takes him through a 3D world almost three times larger than the original, visiting Taoist temples, magical forests, mountainous wilderness and mysterious caves to name but a few. However, a new navigational system allows you to map out your current location and mark areas you visit for ease of reference. With over 20 more hours game-play included, Shenmue II takes you on a thrilling action adventure of cinematic proportions, full of emotional encounters and spectacular surprises.


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

In-game reset: Hold Start + Back during game play.

Sega Saturn FMV sequence: Successfully complete the game and allow the credits to complete. An FMV sequence showing Shenmue under development for the Sega Saturn will begin.

Shenmue Side Story Volume 1 (Gui Zhang and Joy) option: Complete page one of the secret picture album.

Shenmue Side Story Volume 2 (Ren and Wong) option: Complete page two of the secret picture album.

Shenmue Side Story Volume 3 (Xiuying and Ziming) option: Complete page three of the secret picture album.

Shenmue Side Story Volume 4 (Ryo and Chai) option: Complete page four of the secret picture album.

Free rent: When staying at the "Come Over Guest House", the rent is $38 per night. To avoid paying, do not pay it in the morning then stay out until 11 o'clock.






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