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Playboy: The Mansion

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Playboy: The Mansion

Arush Entertainment / 2005-01-25


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Game Details

Playboy: The Mansion combines social simulation with role-playing and empire-building. You'll develop the Playboy mansion, build the brand and start an empire based on the idea of sexual liberation. But fame and fortune don't come easy - manage your staff, count your money and build the right celebrity contacts to help you get ahead. As you play, you'll be rewarded by getting to experience the glories of the Playboy Mansion!

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Mission 1

Unlock: Pool [Area]
Requirement: Complete mission.

Mission 2

Unlock: Roster Character Editor [Tool]
Requirement: Complete mission.

Unlock: Massage Table [Item, upper floor]
Requirement: Publish an issue.

Unlock: Privacy Bush [Item, pool]
Requirement: Throw a party.

Mission 3

Unlock: Bunny Back [Item, main & upper floor]
Requirement: Complete mission.

Unlock: Leg-o-Lamp [Item, main & upper floor]
Requirement: Do an intimate action with a girl.

Unlock: Trampoline [Item, pool]
Requirement: Get two girlfriends.

Mission 4

Unlock: Olivia's Hef [Item, main floor]
Requirement: Complete mission.

Unlock: Grotto [Area]
Requirement: Invite agent to special party.

Unlock: Michelangelo [Item, main floor]
Requirement: Publish the Playboy Philosophy.

Unlock: Retro Zip-Front [Outfit]
Requirement: Get two enemy staff members to make up.

Mission 5

Unlock: Clubhouse [Area]
Requirement: Complete mission.

Unlock: Butt'R'Fly [Item, main floor]
Requirement: Hold Operation Validation Fundraiser.

Unlock: Obsession [Item, upper floor]
Requirement: Find Ken Willard.

Unlock: Artsy Bunny Shirt [Outfit]
Requirement: Shoot cover with Karmyn Chase.

Unlock: Ultra Extreme Dance [Item, Clubhouse]
Requirement: Publish cover with Karmyn Chase.

Mission 6

Unlock: Regency End Table [Item, main & upper floor]
Requirement: Complete mission.

Unlock: Playboy Mini [Outfit]
Requirement: Get romantic relationship between Markus Jacobski and girl.

Unlock: Shoulder Wrap [Outfit]
Requirement: Get romantic relationship between Karmyn Chase & Builder Paris.

Mission 7

Unlock: Playboy Pinball 1 [Item, Clubhouse]
Requirement: Complete Mission.

Unlock: Leopard Flares [Outfit]
Requirement: Hold party in Grotto for the Playmates.

Unlock: Plaid Skirt [Outfit]
Requirement: Hold special parties for Playmates, girlfriends & staff.

Mission 8

Unlock: Regency Chair [Item, main & upper floor]
Requirement: Complete mission.

Unlock: Barely There Plus [Outfit]
Requirement: Sign contract with Carmen Electra.

Unlock: Stars 'n' Stripes [Outfit]
Requirement: Introduce love between Wendy Bigmoney & Ciro Burrow.

Unlock: White Peek-a-Boo [Outfit]
Requirement: Get Penny Starks or Snadra Bellore as girlfriend.

Mission 9

Unlock: Brass Bed [Item, upper floor]
Requirement: Complete mission.

Mission 10

Unlock: Regency Sofa [Item, main & upper floor]
Requirement: Complete mission.

Mission 11

Unlock: Regency Rug [Item, main & upper floor]
Requirement: Complete mission.





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