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Phantom Crash

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Phantom Crash

Encore Software / 2002-11-05


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In the wake of massive air pollution and economic disaster in Tokyo, Japan has relocated its capital. Old Tokyo has become the battleground for a new breed of public entertainment called Rumbling. Observing from a massive airborne viewing station, spectators watch Scoobees battle to the death. More than just high-speed, heavily armed Mechs, Scoobees have an unprecedented stealth capability, turning invisible at will for brief periods of time. The stakes are high. The enemies are ruthless. The action is intense. Are you ready to rumble?


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2007-01-22 00:00:00

wut do u mean shop selection there are so many places at the main menu and also is there a confirming sound as well

mr usa

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

God Mode:
From the shop selection screen press X, Y, B, A, Back, White, Up, Down, Up and Down.

Earn Money:
From the screen that you select where to go, use the right thumbstick to rotate the snowboarder, and you'll earn 100NY. You can do this to earn 1,000NY per day.

Better Scoobees:
Starting on day six, and every six days the three scoobee shops will have a better scoobee.

Special Drone Rumble:
A special rumble will occur on day 55 that only drones can attend. Each drone is worth anywhere from 3,000NY to 10,000NY.

Skip Intermission Sequences:
Hold L+R and click both thumb sticks.





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