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NBA Street V3

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NBA Street V3

Electronic Arts / 2005-02-08

Sports / Sports - Basketball

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Game Details

Itís Air time! - NBA STREET V3 rises above the rim with all-out, head-to-head streetball with 500,000 dunk combinations -- use any combo to build a dunk of your own. Package it all up with a gravity-defying mid-air maneuver and a highlight-reel finish to help build a reputation on the streets.

Dunk Contest - Execute big-air dunks with the innovative new dunk control system. Throw it down over objects like cars and dumpsters to impress the panel of judges in this game mode where creativity and imagination rule.

Court Creator - Customize your own court using different surface, rim, and backboard options with all-new Court Creator. After itís personalized with ad banners and team logos, move it online for the STREET world to see.

Player Customization - Put your reputation on the line with a customized player or your own created baller. Develop your own style and attitude by hookiní him up with more than 1,000 items including personalized dunks, shoes, and jerseys.

STREET Goes Online -Play online against the nationís baddest ballers in 3-on-3 showdowns with five other live players, or attract the best players to your Ďhood by hosting games on your created court.

New World Environments - Twelve authentic courts stretch across the globe including new venues in Europe and Brighton Beach. Each court has new lighting and detailed graphics with its own unique setting.

New Advanced Tricks - Embarrass your opponent by throwing the ball under his arm or wrapping it around his head, or trick out a defender with an Off The Bootay move. With all-new trick dribbles, dunks, player celebrations, taunts, passes, shots, and lay-ups, your STREET game just jumped to the next level.

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Reply #2

2007-03-06 00:00:00

Better Shooting:
Enter "Excellent" as a code at the options screen.

Reply #1

2007-03-06 00:00:00

Go to the Dunk Contest and select "Legendary Skills" as your difficulty when you face one person (you might wanna change the rules so that there is only one dunk per round because that will speed it up alot). If you win and get lots of good scores in the making, then you will get around 250 sp points. Retry this trick as many times as neccesary.


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