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We Cheer

Namco Bandai Games / 2008-09-30

Rhythmic Gaming

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Game Details

Prepare to clap your hands, stomp your feet and bring it on!

Putting players at the center of a nationwide cheerleading competition, We Cheer utilizes two Wii Remotes* as virtual pom-poms to create an authentic cheerleading experience. Players must move the wireless Wii Remotes as directed by the on-screen indicators to choreographed routines, utilizing a full range of arm and body movements such as spins and twists.

'We Cheer' game logo
Ready, and!
Character customazation screen in 'We Cheer'

Character & squad customization.
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Singleplayer mode  in 'We Cheer'

Follow the prompts in singleplayer.
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Two player action in 'We Cheer'

Bring it on against a friend.
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Four player format in 'We Cheer'

Line up for four-player action.
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As each routine is successfully performed, the player will be able to recruit new team members to their squad, adding new cheerleading abilities and choreographed routines. The first cheerleading video game to offer licensed music, We Cheer features 30 smash-hit master recordings for players to perform to, including tracks from Hilary Duff, Aly & AJ, The Plain White T's and Natasha Bedingfield. Letting friends and family participate in the cheerleading fun, We Cheer features cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes for up to four players to determine who deserves to stand at the top of the pyramid. The game also features a workout mode that lets players keep track of approximately how many calories they have burned while cheering. Each character in the game is fully customizable, with a variety of uniforms, shoes and accessories to choose from for added personalization.

Key Game Features:

  • Hit Songs - Dance and cheer to 30 smash hits from the hottest artists of the past, present and future. With an endless variety of music genres to choose from - rock, hip hop, dance or even disco, there is something for everyone to groove to.
  • Endless Character Customization - Create your ultimate cheerleader by customizing her with the perfect competition outfit. Choose from a variety of tops, bottoms, shoes and more that will make your cheerleader look super cute and ready to perform her best on stage.
  • Engaging Modes - Choose a mode that suits your mood. Burn some calories in Exercise Mode, compete for the Captain position in 2-player Campaign Mode, or play with up to 4 players in Party Mode and show everyone who is #1 on the team.
  • Real, Active Gameplay - Get totally immersed in the competition, using your entire body. to spin, kick, jump and dance to various choreographed routines. Not only can you cheer and dance, you can also recruit new squad members, unlock new teammates, outfits, songs and more.
The Complete Tracklist:

"Walking On Sunshine" – Aly & AJ "It Takes Two" – Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock
"If You’re Gonna Jump" (Paul Oakenfold Remix) – Natasha Bedingfield "Push It To The Limit" – Corbin Bleu
"I Want Candy" – Bow Wow Wow "On Top Of The World" – Boys Like Girls
"The Great Escape" – Boys Like Girls "Godspeed" – BT
"Gonna Make You Sweat" (Everybody Dance Now) – C+C Music Factory "Eye Of The Tiger" (Sunset Crew Radio Mix) – Crew 7
"Come Clean" – Hilary Duff "Unbelievable" – EMF
"Calabria 2008" – Enur feat. Natasja "Star" – Erasure
"Perfect Day" – Hoku "That’s The Way" (I Like It) – KC & The Sunshine Band
"I Say Hey" – Kinky "Footloose" – Kenny Loggins
"Bodyrock" – Moby "Born For This" – Paramore
"Our Time Now" – Plain White T’s "C’mon N’ Ride It" (The Train) – Quad City DJ’s
"I’d Do Anything" – Simple Plan "Groovy Train" – The Farm
"Jump" – Simple Plan "Stamp Your Feet" – Donna Summer
"Whoomp!" (There It Is) – Tag Team "In This Diary" – The Ataris
"The Power Is On" – The Go! Team "The Huddle Formation" – The Go! Team

* Gameplay requires each player top have two remotes each (not nunchucks), except in four-player where each player only uses one.

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