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Tony Hawks Downhill Jam

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Tony Hawks Downhill Jam

Activision / 2006-11-20

Sports / Sports - Extreme

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Game Details

Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam lets players experience the breakneck speed of downhill skateboard racing as they tear up the steepest terrains in the world while performing tricks and outmaneuvering opponents. The complex gameplay lets you choose to race in places all over the world, from the crowded streets of San Francisco,

Put your skills to the test on the craziest of courses.

Beautiful scenery...

...And very original tricks.
to the rocky terrain of Machu Picchu.

Game Storyline

Players can choose to play as Tony Hawk or one of eight original characters. Additionally, they can create their own character with the Create-A-Skater feature. You can create your own skateboard, too, or simply choose from a wide variety of stock skateboards.

You have the option of selecting from contemporary boards, old school "fishtails," longboards, and 70s skateboards, all of which have different attributes that will have an effect on gameplay.


Developed for the Wii, gamers use an innovative and intuitive control system as they take on the role of Tony Hawk or one of eight other characters. Choose who you want to be, and then compete in specific time-based challenges in one of three gameplay modes including race, trick and slalom.

Gamers can also challenge friends in head-to-head competitions with up to four players at once, as they pull off a variety of high-velocity stunts, all while racing in populated environments filled with cars, pedestrians, and buildings.

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Reply #2

2007-01-28 00:00:00

AdventuresOfKwang Unlock All Events
ShrinkThePeople Tiny People
BirdBirdBirdBird Large Birds
BirdBirdBirdBirdBird Really Large Birds
DisplayCoordinates Display Coordinates
TonyFishDownhillJam Power Of The Fish!
FourLights Picasso Skater
HelloHelium Chipmunk Voices
NowYouSeeMe Invisible Skater
DownTheRabbitHole Mini Skater
IWannaBeTallTall Giganto-Skater
EvilChimneySweep Demon Skater
ChimneySweep Shadow Skater
FirstPersonJam First Person Skater
WatchForDoors Extreme Car Crashes
IAmBob Perfect Stats
TightRopeWalker Perfect Manual
LikeTiltingAPlate Perfect Rail
PointHogger Always Special
OotbaghForever Free Boost
ImInterfacing Unlock All Skaters
RaidTheWoodshed Unlock All Boards & Outfits
FreeBozzler Unlock All Movies
IMISSMANUALS Enables Manuals (Up then Down on the D-Pad)

Reply #1

2007-01-16 00:00:00

RAIDTHEWOODSHED unlocks all outfits and boards


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AdventuresOfKwangUnlock All Events
FreeBozzlerUnlock All Movies
RaidTheWoodshedUnlock All Boards & Outfits
ImInterfacingUnlock All Skaters
PointHoggerAlways Special
TightRopeWalkerPerfect Manual
LikeTiltingAPlatePerfect Rail
IAmBobPerfect Stats
OotbaghForeverFree Boost
EvilChimneySweepDemon Skater
FirstPersonJamFirst Person Skater
BirdBirdBirdBirdBirdReally Large Birds
WatchForDoorsExtreme Car Crashes
FourLightsPicasso Skater
TonyFishDownhillJamPower Of The Fish!
NowYouSeeMeInvisible Skater
HelloHeliumChipmunk Voices
DisplayCoordinatesDisplay Coordinates
BirdBirdBirdBirdLarge Birds
DownTheRabbitHoleMini Skater
ChimneySweepShadow Skater
ShrinkThePeopleTiny People





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