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Tetris Party Deluxe

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Tetris Party Deluxe

Majesco Games / 2010-05-25


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Game Details

You scan the field looking for a spot to sneak this block into and start to panic. The block is falling faster, you don't see an opening and your lines are quickly reaching toward the top. You spin the block, looking for alternative options and finally squeeze it into an opening at the last second. The next form starts down and your skills are again put to the test. Will you be able to clear this line and stay in the game?

Play in six new modes

Play in six new modes.

New enhanced play modes

New enhanced play modes.

Battle it out with some friends with multiplayer

Battle it out with some friends with multiplayer.

More than 130 acheivements are available to win

More than 130 acheivements are available to win.
Tetris Party Deluxe


Tetris Party Deluxe has plenty of all-new modes and enhancements to take the classic puzzle fun to a whole new level. With six new game modes, you can enjoy your favorite puzzles with a twist. Set off a line-clearing chain reaction with bombs, complete 20 perfect clears and race against time in Bombliss, Sprint, VS Sprint, Master, Co-op vs. Co-op and All-Clear Sprint. Multiplayer modes offer all-new items to slow down your opponent with Smoke, Time Stop and more. Field Climber, Shadow, Stage Racer and Duel Spaces are enhanced with extra modes, experiences and rules. With more than 20 exciting modes, online battles and multiplayer fun for groups of friends and family, Tetris Party Deluxe is a must-have for Tetris and puzzle fans.


  • Play in six new game modes, including Bombliss, Sprint, Master, VS Sprint, Co-op vs. Co-op and All-Clear Sprint to race against time, clear lines using bombs, complete 20 perfect clears and more

  • Four modes of play have been enhanced with more features including Everest in Field Climber mode, Edit mode in Shadow gameplay, Abyss Mode in Stage Racer and improved rules in Duel Spaces

  • Battle it out with friends during multiplayer mode by using exciting items to prevail against your competition: use Smoke to cover your opponent's matrix, Time Stop to temporarily freeze your rival's game and more

  • In-game statistics award more than 130 achievements for outstanding performance

  • Compatible with Wii Speak, Wii Balance Board and Wii Wheel

  • Play with your own Mii to personalize the overall gaming experience

  • Play with up to three other friends in your own home or with up to five competitors with Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection and World Battle

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