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Target: Terror

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Target: Terror

Konami / 2008-03-18


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Game Details

Originally an arcade game created by legendary designer Eugene Jarvis (Defender, Robotron: 2084, and Cruis’n series), Target: Terror puts you in the place of an elite anti-terrorist agent who is charged with protecting the U.S. from all terrorist activities. With a full scale assault spanning the entire U.S., this is your chance to show terrorists who is in charge. Eliminate the seemingly endless waves of enemies with an assortment of high-tech weapons you have in your arsenal.

Utilizing the motion sensing controls of the Wii Remote™, there is a seamless transition of the arcade’s light gun to the Wii™. The arcade experience is enhanced when used with the Wii Zapper™ peripheral to provide total immersion in the game by replicating both the arcade light-gun as well as the elite, tactical weapons used by that anti-terrorist agent.

* Full support for the Wii Zapper peripheral, which provides a superior control scheme to the regular remote plus it gives the player the full arcade experience.

* Enjoy the fun of the arcade in your living room with a full, direct port of the arcade smash hit.

* Unlockable mini-games add a humorous addition to the game as they creatively interpret many classic games.

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