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Star Trek: Conquest

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Star Trek: Conquest

Bethesda Softworks / 2007-11-20

Action / Strategy

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Game Details

Star Trek: Conquest is a single-player game of galactic conquest featuring a blend of strategy and action set in The Next Generation era. Players take control of Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian, Dominion, and Breen forces and lead them in a campaign to control the galaxy, one planet at a time. Players must build and manage their growing empires in turn-based strategy, and then engage in all out starship combat in real-time action.

Strategically, players must effectively manage their limited resources to expand their empire. Players can decide how to best achieve objectives by managing fleets, admirals, building support structures, researching technology and engaging enemies in combat. Once battle is initiated, the game switches to a ship level tactical view allowing players to take direct command of their ships and engage in real-time combat.

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Reply #2

2008-04-02 00:00:00

dominion is by far the best

Reply #1

2008-04-02 00:00:00

Chosing a race:

Dominion is by far the best (overbalanced) race in the game. They are the best to play and the hardest opponent

Klingon is the second best. A little sluggish in the beginning, but once you get an attack general up to 3 stars and about 5-6 star systems you should start to roll

Cardassians are kind of a poor mans Dominion. Cheap ships and structures will help you until you can get rolling

Romulans are difficult because: No movement general or Genesis device. Patience to improve your one attack general is what it takes to win with the romulans

Federation have pretty good stats actually. Unfortunately what makes them tough to play is there starting position is the crossroads of the galaxy. So expect lots of fleets wandering in in a 4 or 5 opponent game

Breen is my least favorite race to play. No attack general no genesis device and only one movement general. You have to be patient and cautious to win with the breen

General strategies. I go with a movement general as my starting general. (attack for klingons and romulans) when i attack i put all power to weapons. genesis device makes the best special weapon for softening up enemies. NEVER leave a leveled up fleet in a vulnerable position where it can be attacked and destroyed. Once i have my movement general at about 3 stars I create an attack general to be my main hammer. There is nothing stronger than a five star attack general. I generally only build dreadnoughts unless i am just filling a fleet out and cant afford dreadnoughts. Remember you don't have to attack every turn. sometimes its best to just consolodate what you have even if it means losing a system or two. Obviously each race has its own
strenghts and weaknesses which would take to long to go into here so just stick what works for each race


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