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Spore Hero

Electronic Arts / 2009-10-06


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Game Details

The Spore universe finally comes to the Wii in Spore Hero, an entirely new simulation adventure with an RPG feel. Guaranteed to please existing fans of the franchise as well as those coming to it for the first time, in both the game's single player and an exciting two-player versus modes players create a creature hero, take on quests for non-playing characters and fight to save your planet. Along the way you will unlock hundreds of collectable body parts and abilities that open up new gameplay options and that put the direction of your character's unique evolution in your own hands.

'Spore Hero' game logo
Spore character creator functionality in 'Spore Hero'

Spore finally comes to the Wii.
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This all-new story begins as you crash land on a strange alien world. But something evil has followed you and is threatening to destroy the creatures of the planet. Only a true hero can save the world from this new threat. Are you that hero? If so you will need to earn unique new parts to adapt to the courageous battles and amazing adventures that await you in Spore Hero.

In Spore Hero, players focus on creativity and evolution using the unique controls for Wii. The game takes players on an exciting adventure through a beautiful, colorful world based in the Spore universe. Taking full advantage of the Wii controls, Spore Hero engages players in heated battles, humorous missions, curious puzzles and more. Throughout the game, players will collect more than 250 body parts parts with unique abilities and experience the unparalleled customization of the revolutionary Spore Creature Creator enhanced for the Wii.

Key Game Features

  • Create and evolve your own hero with over 250 collectable parts and special abilities. Spore’s revolutionary Creature Creator is brought to life with Wii enhanced controls.
  • Fight using your Wii Remote as you spit poison, fire spikes, dive bomb, and bite your enemies. Unlock combos and new fighting skills as you take on dangerous creatures all over the planet.
  • Play against a friend as you bring your wildest Spore creatures into battle in versus multiplayer action.
  • Explore a vast new world filled with hidden parts, thrilling quests and more in this new Spore adventure.

Additional Screenshots:
Sim/RPG action in 'Spore Hero'

Sim/RPG action.
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250+ parts and abilities to collect in 'Spore Hero'

250+ parts & abilities.
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Evolution-based gameplay in 'Spore Hero'

Evolution-based play.
2-player local versus mode in 'Spore Hero'

2-player versus mode.
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