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Sin and Punishment: Star Successor

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Sin and Punishment: Star Successor

Nintendo / 2010-06-27

Shooter / First Person Shooter

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Game Details

Sin & Punishment: Star Successor is rail shooter for Wii that challenges you, whether playing alone or with a friend, to survive an onslaught of attacks by enemies large and small. Players have their choice of a male or female playable character, each with defensive and specific offensive abilities, and the ability to battle huge bosses and other enemies from the ground or from the air using a variety of devices. Additional features include multiple controller options and online international leaderboards and more.

Sin & Punishment: Star Successor logo
A Classic N64 Sequel Emerges on Wii
Take aim and blast your way through a post-apocalyptic world packed with nonstop arcade shooter action. Sin & Punishment: Star Successor is the long-awaited sequel to the Japanese Nintendo 64 cult-classic. This series debut in North America delivers an intense, adrenaline-soaked thrill ride that never lets up from start to finish as Isa and Kachi go on the run and on the defensive, shooting everything as a host of enemies try to hunt them down. Sin & Punishment: Star Successor brings one of a kind shooter gameplay created by the undisputed masters of the genre.

Kachi evading a missle attack in Sin & Punishment: Star Successor

Long-awaited sequel to the popular N64 rail shooter.
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Sin & Punishment: Star Successor is an arcade style rail shooter that allows for a range of movement around the immediate level as the player is funneled along their path. Players can assume the role of either the male or female character, Isa and Kachi. Each can fight on the ground or in the sky with the right equipment, and utilize a diverse mix of evasive maneuvers, melee attacks in close quarters and unique special attacks. The world of Sin & Punishment: Star Successor is packed with enemies ranging from swarms of low to mid-level enemies to over-the-top bosses. In battling all these, players must use their particular mix of offensive and defensive skills to continually build point multiplier bonuses as they cash in on the enemies that they conquer. The game supports a variety of controller/controller configurations, two-player play and an online international leaderboard.

Key Game Features

  • Players can take to the skies with a jetpack or hovering skateboard-like device to dodge enemy attacks or get a better lock on their targets. Get an extra bonus for staying grounded while avoiding injury. Various stages require understanding intricate patterns as players' characters side-scroll, race on vehicles or zip in every direction through a devastated post apocalyptic world. Players can fire at targets in the distance or for close-range targets use sword attacks.
  • The precision pointing abilities of the Wii Remote controller make targeting enemies a snap. Players have the option of controlling their characters using the Wii Remote-Nunchuk combination, the Classic Controller, the Classic Controller Pro, Nintendo Gamecube controller or the Wii Zapper.
  • Choose from two playable characters, Isa and Kachi, each with unique combat abilities.
  • It's all about the score multiplier. The better a player's skills, the more multiplier points are earned, and the higher the overall score. Players will want to play the game again and again to beat their personal best on each level.
  • Created by Treasure, the developers behind Ikaruga, Radiant Silvergun and Gunstar Heroes, the game pushes the boundaries of the shooter genre with horders of enemies, massive bosses and explosive graphics.
  • Endless waves of enemies got you down? A second player can join the fight to dish out twice the punishment.
  • An online international leaderboard lets players see how their scores stack up against players from other countries. Players will play again and again, and try to unlock even more points by figuring out and performing coin and medal-achieving tricks, in order to get an international-caliber score.
Additional Screenshots:
Isa and Kachi from Sin & Punishment: Star Successor

Play as Isa and Kachi.
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Taking aim at an underwater enemy from point-blank range in Sin & Punishment: Star Successor

Special attacks & melee action.
Battling a huge boss in Sin & Punishment: Star Successor

Over-the-top boss battles.
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Vehicular combat in Sin & Punishment: Star Successor

Multiplayer support.
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