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Rabbids Go Home

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Rabbids Go Home

Ubisoft / 2009-11-01

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

Rabbids Go Home is a comedy adventure like no other. Departing from the mini-game centric action of previous Rabbids games, Rabbids Go Home features open-world style mission gameplay centered around the Rabbids harebrained scheme to get to the moon. In true Rabbids form this entails over-the-top single player and multiplayer gameplay built around creating a pile made up of everyday and not so everyday items stolen from the consumer-crazed humans of planet Earth, that is literally tall enough to reach the edge of space.

Rabbids Go Home game logo
Rabbids causing mayhem among the human population in Rabbids Go Home for Wii

Cause maximum mayhem.
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Collectable items identified on screen in Rabbids Go Home for Wii

Collect identified in-game items.
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Rabbids avoiding Verminators in Rabbids Go Home for Wii

Avoid the Verminators.
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Rabbids Go Home is the Rabbids first comedy-adventure, and will take them to the moon or bust. This time around, those crazy Rabbids have what they consider an infallible plan: collect all the human stuff they can find, haul away, heap it onto a giant pile and literally climb home to the moon. Crazy? yes, but that's the Rabbid's story and they are sticking to it. But not so fast! The humans revolt, unleashing the Verminators, a bumbling group of shock troops whose only objective is to exterminate the Rabbids before they haul away everything that the humans have.

Unlike the action of previous Rabbids games which were made up of a compilation of mini-games, Rabbids Go Home is more of a driving adventure/platformer game. Set in both indoor and outdoor 3D environments, action is mission-based, 40+ in all, and built around the Rabbids desire to get to the moon. Keeping with the franchises irreverent, over-the-top humor, the Rabbid's chosen means of doing this is to simply steal enough stuff from humans, pile it up and ascend that pile all the way to the moon. Since the moon is a long way away, a lot of stuff is needed to get there and this is where the player comes in.

Progressing through the open-world missions players control a team of two Rabbids, and their main tool used in collecting items, a shopping cart. Movement of all three are controlled via the Wii Remote/nunchuck controller configuration, with a speed boost available by hitting the "A" button. Items to be collected vary widely, ranging all the way from clothing literally scared off paranoid humans, to livestock, with collection areas occurring both horizontally and vertically throughout the gameplay area. Items that can be collected appear as circled in the gameplay environment, and the more mess and mayhem that your Rabbids create, the more items become available. Again, since the pile the Rabbids need to accumulate is hefty, the game features a checkpoint system where you can offload your stash and go back for more without taking the chance of losing what you have. When done collecting, items are flushed down a toilet, leading to a sewer pipe, that leads to the ever-growing pile. But gameplay is more than just a scavenger hunt. Eventually players have to deal with a mobilized resistance by humans to the Rabbids behavior made up of a combination of the anti-Rabbid Verminator corps, waves of surveillance robots and kennels full of attack dogs, all determined to exterminate the Rabbids. Players can also look forward to 2-player mission support and several online features.

Rabbids Go Home also contains a Wii-specific customization mode, known as "Ze Wiimote," which mimics what the inside of players' Wii remotes would look like if a Rabbid was literally inside it. Here players can can customize the look of their Rabbids with spray paint and sticker effects, and save their favorite versions for use in-game and trading with friends.

Key Game Features

  • The Rabbids First Comedy-Adventure - Control two Raving Rabbids and their shopping cart and cause mayhem in a world full of uptight humans with shopping on the brain. Collect varying sizes of human stuff to build the Rabbids sky-high pile of junk in their quest to reach the moon.
  • Make a huge mess and provoke hilarious situations in over 15 striking game environments - Scour through supermarkets, race across rooftops, jet past airports and boost through the Bayou, visiting the game’s unique take on everyday places.
  • Play over 40 missions - Race, chase, boost and generally run amok while scaring the Humans right down to their undies - literally! Ridicule reams of relentless enemies and their nasty pooches in an increasingly paranoid world of Rabbid-haters.
  • Unique Art Direction - Encounter a cast of colorful, oddball characters and explore a remarkable parody of the modern world as if you were living inside an interactive cartoon.
  • Variety of Gameplay - Soup up your shopping cart with a Jet Ski, an airplane reactor, or a hospital Bubble Bed to wreak endless havoc everywhere you turn. Learn to pilot your cart while boosting, jumping, gliding, floating and flying.

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