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Nerf N-Strike

Electronic Arts / 2008-10-28


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Game Details

The Search for the N-Strike Elite Begins...Through the din of a popular arcade, one player has emerged as the best N-Strike gamer his friends have ever seen. But even as Shane smashes through the game's record, something far more mysterious is happening: his success is being tracked and recorded. Shane is the perfect candidate for an ultra-exclusive invitation to become an N-Strike Elite. Later that night, he's awakened to find the Nomad C Series Recruitment bot hovering silently over his bed. "B.O.B." has a challenge for Shane. Join the quest to become an Elite Striker and he'll have access to Top Secret Blasters.

It's all the incentive Shane needs, and as the one controlling Shane, it's your opportunity of a lifetime....

'NERF N-Strike' video game logo Key Game Features:
  • SWITCH SHOT EX-3 Blaster included with game - Bundled with every game, comes the revolutionary SWITCH SHOT EX-3 which transforms between a live Nerf blaster and a Wii remote shooting peripheral for the game.
  • Choose Your Blasters - Play with over 25 NERF Blasters including the MAVERICK REV-6, VULCAN EBF-25, LONGSHOT CS-6, and many never seen before.
  • Blast through Danger - Explore a top-secret NERF facility and unravel the mystery of the unknown threat that awaits.
  • Multiplayer Action - Go head to head with up to 4 players using additional Wii Remotes and SWITCH SHOT EX-3 blasters.

Battling droids in 'NERF N-Strike'

Take it to the droids.
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Dual-wielding in 'NERF N-Strike'

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Enemies in a scope in 'NERF N-Strike'

Scope out enemies.
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NERF gatling gun in 'NERF N-Strike'

Go NERF gatling.
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