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NBA Live 09 All-Play

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NBA Live 09 All-Play

Electronic Arts / 2008-10-07

Sports / Sports - Basketball

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Step onto the hardwood and into the fun of a unique professional basketball gameplay experience designed exclusively for the Wii, with NBA Live 09 All-Play. Perfectly balanced for gamers and basketball fans at all levels, NBA Live 09 All-Play features a flexible control scheme, new game modes and a roster of players from the three biggest leagues on the planet, the NBA, WNBA and FIBA.

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Running the offense in singleplayer mode in 'NBA Live 09 All-Play'

Take full control in singleplayer.
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Classic control scheme from 'NBA Live 09 All-Play'

All-Play & classic control schemes.
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2-on-2 multiplayer game in 'NBA Live 09 All-Play'

Team up in 2-on-2 multiplayer.
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Cross-team squad in 'NBA Live 09 All-Play'

Build your dream team.
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Every moment in NBA Live 09 All-Play is an opportunity for a highlight reel play with more excitement on both sides of the ball. Rattle the rim with a big dunk, easily set a teammate up for an ally-oop, or come up big with a dominating block. Take a long-range shot from beyond the arc, or shift the momentum with a lightning-fast steal. Challenge your friends and family at home and enjoy unique game modes like 3-point shootout and a slam dunk competition for hours of fun!

Control Schemes to Fit Every Player
EA Sports' All-Play line of games specializes in making it easier and less intimidating for new players to hit the court and play against anyone, regardless of their own level of ability, by allowing them to choose the control style that best suits their skills. Novice players, more focused on a casual, quick fun, and better suited to a less intense learning curve can choose to use a All-Play's basic control scheme. Here one gesture and a single button press performs all the actions and increases your success rate in all aspects of the game. For example, having trouble deciding who to pass the ball to? You can let the CPU point you in the right direction with on-screen pass indicators and one-button actions or effortlessly take over the direction of the game with All-Play's 'Point and pass' feature, which allows you to dish out passes by simply pointing, resulting in controlled, crisp ball movement.

If on the other hand, you've squeaked through a few quarters on the hardwoods in your day, NBA Live 09 All-Play also offers a classic controller configuration. Just turn the Wii Remote on its side and take advantage of all the movement, shot and switching options you have grown used to over the years. Regardless, of how you choose to use the Wii Remote or your skill level, you will be lighting up defenders and getting stops as soon as you step on to the court.

Key Game Features:

  • Unique Wii Experience - Enjoying basketball action on Wii is now easier with refined gestures that get you into the action with a variety of ways to play that offers something for everyone.
  • 2-on-2 Action - Own the court in this over-the-top 2-on-2 experience that puts the focus on a fun time the playground. Grab a teammate and take on your friends.
  • All-Play Controls - A simplified control system enables novice players to focus on fun. Players control key actions like shooting and passing, while the game controls player movement.
  • Point and Pass - Challenge yourself using a precision passing system with Point and Pass.
  • International Basketball Federation (FIBA) Included - With 24 national teams to choose from, you can compete against any NBA or WNBA team using authentic FIBA rosters and teams.
  • Play to 21 - All-new to All-Play, but a fan favorite on the court. A great way to practice shooting and free-throws to challenge yourself and show your opponent what you can do.
  • That Girl’s Got Game - These women can do it all – dunk, shoot 3’s and block shots. Suit up from your choice of 22 WNBA players featured in game, including stars such as Candace Parker, Sue Bird or Lisa Leslie and take on your favorite NBA or FIBA team.
Player Selection and Play Modes
Dedicated to keeping the action on the court fun, NBA Live 09 All-Play has included a variety of ways to play. First, the game draws it's in-game players from a wide basketball spectrum. Choose your squad from your favorite players from the NBA and WNBA, or go international by suiting up as a player from one of the 24 FIBA (International Basketball Federation) teams included in the game. You can even mix and match players and scrimmage in inter-league play. All on-court players feature authentic physical representations of the actual players, as well as jersey and other accessories identified with them. And when it comes to putting the ball in the hole, the game also includes significant play modes and functionality. Whether your thing is showing off your style, strength and skill in the slam dunk contest and 3-point shootout, developing teamwork skills necessary to win a championship in multiplayer 2-on-2 games, or just shooting around in the quick game of 21, NBA Live 09 All-Play has just what you need.

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