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Chess Crusade

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Chess Crusade

Destination Software / 2008-07-22


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This ain't your Grandpa's favorite board game! "Chess Crusade" brings an edgy and exhilarating twist to the most popular and timeless strategy game ever created. Two cartoon-style medieval armies take to the checkered battlefield in a classic game of chess. As the pieces move around the board, they meet with intense animated combat moves in an effort to conquer or be conquered. The entertaining and colorful artistic style makes "Chess Crusade" a game that everyone-from the novice to the master-can enjoy.

# - A brilliant chess game is brought to life by artistic animations that illustrate exciting victory and one for a disappointing defeat

# - Each game piece has its own unique set of attack animations-one for an exciting victory and one for a disappointing defeat

# - Multiplayer functionality allows the players to take on friends and family you can feel the pleasure of out-thinking your opponent

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