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Castle of Shikigami III

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Castle of Shikigami III

Aksys Games, Inc / 2008-05-13


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The story takes place in a small country called Alcaland, in Mid-Eastern Europe.

Alcaland is populated by an ethnic group called Majar. Other inhabitants include German, Slav, and Hebrew, among many others. This small country (about the size of Delaware), was once annexed by the Soviet Union; however it gained independence in 1992. A beautiful country that has radiant lakes and wheat fields that shine in the sunset; its major industries are pasta and livestock.

The 1.84 million denizens of Alcaland are ruled by a constitutional monarchy (similar to Sweden).Since this country has little economic worth, it has no relations with Japan. While it does have its own borders, it is a desolate country that only has a consulate in neighboring Apfelland and relies on electricity from Russia and Bostonia. Alcaland is a backcountry, but put nicely, it’s a quiet, forgotten kingdom.

However, the peace has been disturbed due to a recent series of disappearances and comatose persons. These incidents would have been overlooked had Princess Maako not decided to try and solve these difficult cases herself. This is interesting for the people since they believe that Princess Maako Doroneia Edilius possesses the power of illusion.

Before Alcaland had been annexed into the Soviet Union, the country ’s many psychics were commonly employed to investigate such issues. However, psychics were oppressed while Alcaland was part of the Soviet Union, which caused the psychic population to dwindle to what it is today. As a result, Alcaland had to ask for outside help to deal with their problems.

To help her decide on whom to ask, the princess used twenty-year-old documents which showed Japan as having the greatest advancements in the field of investigation. Based on this, and the fact that Japan has a very deep history, the princess assumed that the country had very powerful psychics and asked Japan for help. Basing such a decision on incorrect assumptions and outdated reports may seem ill-conceived to most, however this truly shows the modernity of Alcaland.

The princess felt that help would be appropriate given the great sacrifices that Alcaland had made for Japan in the past. In the shallow history of Alcaland, it is said that a small (and possibly overlooked), armed yacht was sent to aid Japan during the Russo-Japanese War. Because of this, Alcaland considers itself, even today, Japan’s number one ally. It is appropriate to send aid to your allies when they are in need. Although, given this example…it would seem that Japan may have many allies that it is not aware of.

How would you react to an ally who asked for serious aid in the form of psychics? Not having the resources to fulfill such a strange request, the Japanese Foreign Ministry was at a loss for what to do.

When a ministry representative contacted the metropolitan police department regarding this issue, the police responded harshly asking “Two things: Where would we get the resources for that, and why should we care!?” The representative felt that even a country such as Alcaland deserved help when it was in need, yet this meant that the ministry was, again, at a loss.

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