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Konami / 2010-03-09

Survival Horror

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Game Details

Gather your friends, dim the lights, and get the popcorn ready. Calling is a single player adventure that delivers thrills alone or with an audience. The fun of a suspenseful movie is now on Wii. Conquer your fears and discover the truth together! Rumor has it that The Black page is a hoax or a prank - an empty website where a few can enter a new world and meet the dead again. This world is known as the Mnemonic Abyss where the dead wander indefinitely. Curiosity brings many to this site - those who do not believe or those trying to solve the mystery behind it, and some who are simply looking for a lost friend or a beloved husband. Experience 4 unique character's perspectives in a gripping story of Japanese Survival Horror.

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Calling s0 Calling s1 Calling s10 Calling s11 Calling s12 Calling s13 Calling s2 Calling s3 Calling s4 Calling s5 Calling s6 Calling s7 Calling s8 Calling s9

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