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Ben 10: Alien Force

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Ben 10: Alien Force

D3 Publisher of America / 2008-10-28

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

Ben 10: Alien Force The Game, based on Cartoon Network's hit television series, is the only video game that allows players to take command of characters from the 'Alien Force' team to authentically control and experience their adventures. The game begins five years after Ben puts away the DNA-scrambling Omnitrix, but now Grandpa Max has gone missing and the planet Earth is in grave danger.

'Ben 10: Alien Force' game logo
Humungousaur from 'Ben 10: Alien Force'
Think big as Humungousaur.
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Spidermonkey from 'Ben 10: Alien Force'
Go ape as Spidermonkey.
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Swampfire from 'Ben 10: Alien Force'
Heat things up as Swampfire.
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Big Chill from 'Ben 10: Alien Force'
Bug out as Big Chill.
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Gamers must help Ben take the Omnitrix out of retirement and lead eight different playable characters-including cousin Gwen, enemy-turned-ally Kevin Levin and five of Ben's brand new alien forms-Swampfire, Jet Ray, Humungousaur, Spidermonkey and Big Chill-to utilize their all-new super powers and defeat the intergalactic invaders. Gamers will also experience tons of new story content.

Gameplay is fast-paced, 3D and action-adventure based, offering an unlimited combo system with puzzles and challenges that will engage players of all levels for hours at a time. Ben 10: Alien Force The Game comes on the heels of a tremendously successful inaugural game, BEN 10: Protector of Earth, which launched in November 2007 and has sold more than one million units worldwide, making this an adventure not to be missed.

Playable Characters
Ben Tennyson - Ben fills the role of leader after Max disappears. The Omnitrix has been recalibrated, giving him access to a new set of alien heroes. Over the past few years, Ben has matured dramatically.

Gwen Tennyson - Now 15, Gwen is much more proficient with her powers, able to manipulate energy directly as opposed to using spells. Gwen is much calmer and grown up, nowhere near as fiery or sharp-tongued as she was five years ago.

Kevin Levin - A former nemesis of Ben, 16-year-old Kevin reforms and joins the Tennysons on their quest to repay Magister for saving him from the Forever Knights. While not as psychotic as he once was, he still desires revenge for his time in the Null Void at first, though he puts it aside to help stop the Highbreed. His abilities now allow him to absorb the properties of any solid matter he touches.

Humongousaur - Humongousaur is a Vaxasaurian, a humanoid dinosaur alien from the planet Terradino (a play on 'dino' from dinosaur). Standing at about twelve feet tall, Humongousaur has great strength and vast resistance to injury. He also has the power to increase his own body size and mass, growing up to sixty feet in height. His strength increases as he grows, and his dinosaur features become more pronounced.

Spidermonkey - Spidermonkey is a Arachnichimp (a play on arachnid and chimpanzee) from the planet Aranhascimmia. As his name suggests, he is a six-limbed monkey-like alien. He has superhuman agility and, like a spider, can spin webs that he can swing from or create nets from his tail, and stick to walls. When Ben transforms into Spidermonkey, he talks in an excited, childish tone and displays mischievous characteristics with occasional monkey-like screeching.

Jetray - Jetray is a Aerophibian (a play on 'aero' for air and amphibian) from the planet Aeropela. Jetray is a manta ray-like alien capable of flying and swimming faster than the speed of sound. He can fire neuroshock blasts from his eyes and tail, and the stingers on his head carry a powerful poison.

Swampfire - Jetray is a Aerophibian (a play on 'aero' for air and amphibian) from the planet Aeropela. Jetray is a manta ray-like alien capable of flying and swimming faster than the speed of sound. He can fire neuroshock blasts from his eyes and tail, and the stingers on his head carry a powerful poison.

Big Chill - Big Chill is a moth-like alien whose wings and antennae can "fold" up, giving him the appearance of a phantom; his appearance is reminiscent of the cryptid known as Mothman. He can become intangible and invisible, and can breathe freezing vapor. He can also freeze the objects he phases through at his discretion.

Key Game Features:

  • Authentically Step Into The 'Alien Force' World - Play the only video game that allows you to command members of the 'Alien Force' team; investigate never-before-seen locations, enemies and characters, and explore favorite places from the best show episodes.
  • Multiple Playable Characters with Special Superpowers - Take control of Ben and his new alien forms Swampfire, Jet Ray, Humungousaur, Spidermonkey and Big Chill to manipulate fire, swim underwater, grow more than 60 feet tall, stick to walls, fly at mach speed, plus lots more! Harness Gwen's talent to create an energy shield to protect and attack, and use Kevin Levin's ability to absorb materials to create impenetrable body armor.
  • Solid and Robust Gameplay - Explore action-packed levels and secret sections in arcade-style gameplay as you clash with more than 20 types of enemies; use more than 75 attack options and create unlimited attack chaining with the streamlined combo system; engage in two-player co-op on the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system for hours of fun and replayability.
  • Based On a Successful Television Franchise - As one of Cartoon Network's breakout original franchises, the Ben 10: Alien Force television series is in its first season as a top-rated show, and is the next generation continuation of the phenomenally successful and Emmy-winning Ben 10 original series. A long form television movie based on Ben 10: Alien Force will debut on Cartoon Network in fall 2008.
  • Exceptional Level of Authenticity - The game's art style, sound effects and music are 100% authentic, with all audio in the game pulled directly from the show sound vaults and all voice acting provided by the original television cast.

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