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  1. 1942- Pacific Air War (PC Games)
  2. 1943- European Air War (PC Games)
  3. Air Battles: Sky Defender (PC Games)
  4. Air Boarder 64 (Nintendo 64)
  5. Air Conflicts Pacific Carriers (PlayStation 3)
  6. Air Conflicts: Aces of World War II (PSP)
  7. Air Conflicts: Secret Wars (PC Games)
  8. Air Conflicts: Secret Wars (PlayStation 3)
  9. Air Conflicts: Secret Wars (Xbox 360)
  10. Air Duel (PC Games)
  11. Air Force Delta (Sega Dreamcast)
  12. Air Force Delta Storm (Xbox)
  13. Air Fortress (NES)
  14. Air Fortress (SNES)
  15. Air Race Championship (PlayStation)
  16. Air Raid: This is not a Drill! (PC Games)
  17. Air Strike Patrol (SNES)
  18. Air Traffic Chaos (Nintendo DS)
  19. Apache AH-64 Air Assault (PC Games)
  20. Apache Air Assault (PlayStation 3)
  21. Apache Air Assault (Xbox 360)
  22. Army Men Air Attack 2 (PlayStation 2)
  23. Army Men Air Combat (Nintendo 64)
  24. Army Men- Air Attack (PlayStation)
  25. Army Men- Air Attack 2 (PlayStation)
  26. Army Men- Air Tactics (PC Games)
  27. Army Men: Air Combat (Gameboy)
  28. Army Men: Air Combat - The Elite Missions (Gamecube)
  29. B-17 Gunner- Air War Over Germany (PC Games)
  30. Big Air (PlayStation)
  31. Big Air Freestyle (Gamecube)
  32. Bravo Air Race (PlayStation)
  33. European Air War (PC Games)
  34. F-22 Air Dominance Fighter (PC Games)
  35. F-22 Total Air War (PC Games)
  36. I Am An Air Traffic Controller (Gameboy Advance)
  37. Kirby Air Ride (Gamecube)
  38. Lock On: Modern Air Combat (PC Games)
  39. MACH: Modified Air Combat Heroes (PSP)
  40. Pacific Air Warrior (PC Games)
  41. Redline: Xtreme Air Racing 2 (PC Games)
  42. Ski Air Max (PlayStation)
  43. Spitfire Heroes: Tales Royal Air Force (Nintendo DS)
  44. Stoked: Big Air Edition (Xbox 360)
  45. Super Air Diver (SNES)
  46. Total Air War (PC Games)
  47. Ultimate Air Combat (NES)