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Soul Sacrifice

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Soul Sacrifice

Sony Computer Entertainment / 2013-04-30

Action / Role Playing Game

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Game Details

Soul Sacrifice is an Action Role-playing game (RPG) set in a world of fantasy and mythology, that places players in the unique position of requiring them to physically sacrifice aspects of themselves and the world around them to gain power. The game is designed exclusively for play on PlayStation Vita, and is the first RPG experience that takes full advantage of PS Vita technical capabilities. Additional game features include co-op game options, character development based on player actions, character leveling, and mythologically based enemies.
Soul Sacrifice game logo
Battling a minotaur in Soul Sacrifice
Answer the question of what you would sacrifice for ultimate power.

What Will You Sacrifice for Ultimate Power

Prepare yourself for a brutal combat experience where every decision made will have consequential results. Take on the role of a slave who is about to be sacrificed, but at the last moment stumbles upon a forbidden book that allows its readers to relive battles between sorcerers and monsters of the past - and perhaps take powers away with him. There is a price though. In order to use the magic during fierce battles, the player must be willing to make a sacrifice - ranging from personal belongings, a limb, or even a life. The question becomes, What would you sacrifice for ultimate power?

Key Game Features

  • Reality blended experience where players must sacrifice parts of themselves to obtain great power
  • Freeform character development as a player's decision would affect the characters abilities and visual form
  • The first action co-op RPG experience that takes full advantage of PS Vita technical capabilities
  • PS Vita functionality, including front and rear touch controls, and built-in motion sensing
  • A wide range of enemies drawn from world mythology

Additional Screenshots

Co-op multiplayer screen from Soul Sacrifice
Exciting multiplayer co-op.
Battling a terrifying multi-armed beastie in Soul Sacrifice
Freeform character development.
Testing yourself against the hound of hell, Cerberus, in Soul Sacrifice
Integration of PS Vita features.
A render of Cerberus from Soul Sacrifice
Terrifying enemies and bosses.

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