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Reality Fighters

Sony Computer Entertainment / 2012-03-16


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Game Details

Reality Fighters is a launch title for the PlayStation Vita handheld that empowers players to create their own multiplayer Fighting game. The game utilizes the PS Vita's two digital cameras to record backgrounds for fights as well personalize fighters with real faces. Customization in-game is provided by a wide range of available fighting styles as well as hundreds of fighter accessories, weapons, objects and physical customization options. The game also features two-player online wireless multiplayer support.
Reality Fighters game logo
Costumed fighters battling against the backdrop of a real business park in Reality Fighters
Create your own personalized Fighting game with PlayStation Vita functionality.

The World is Truly Your Arena

Reality Fighters is a game that empowers players to quickly create their own two-dimensional Fighting game the way that they want it using the immediate environment around them. Utilizing the PlayStation Vita's built-in front and rear cameras, players can create a background for use in fights made from any image that they can digitally capture. Using augmented reality functionality they can even overlay objects and obstacles onto backgrounds to create extreme challenges during bouts. The PS Vita's digital camera functionality also allows players to customize their fighter-characters with real-life faces. These can be saved for later use as well. Created fighters can utilizes a wide variety of fighting styles, including Wrestling, Muay Thai, western style Boxing, "Zombie" and even Ballet, and can take advantage of a robust system of over 300 costume pieces and over 200 different weapon types for use in fights. Additional features include: microphone and GPs functionality, as well as one-on-one, two player wireless multiplayer support which allows players to challenge friends and players from the Reality Fighters community at large.

Key Game Features

  • Create your own fighter game exactly the way you want it using visual elements of your immediate environment
  • Unique Augmented Reality (AR) technology lets you use both cameras to bring yourself and the world around you into the battle
  • Choose from several distinct (and crazy) fighting styles such as Wrestling, Muay Thai, western Boxing and even Ballet
  • Compliment your style with over 300 costume pieces and over 200 different weapon types
  • Two-player wireless multiplayer support allows you to issue challenges to friends and the wider Reality Fighters world

Additional Screenshots

Selecting a face for a fighter at the 'Create a Fighter' screen from Reality Fighters
Use Vita cameras to personalize.
Springing a trap on an opponent to inflict damage in Reality Fighters
Add insane realities to fights.
Customization fighter accessories available for purchase in-game in Reality Fighters
400+ customization options.
Landing a combo against an opponent in a real plaza setting in Reality Fighters
Multiplayer fights anywhere.

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