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Ragnarok Odyssey ACE

Unknown / 2012-10-30

Action RPG

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Game Details

Ragnarok Odyssey is an Action Role-Playing game (RPG) for PlayStation Vita, that is set in a unique environment based in Norse mythology. Loosely built upon the world of the South Korean MMORPG Ragnarok Online, Ragnarok Odyssey challenges players to protect their home of Rune Midgard from a rampaging mass of invading giants, set on destruction. To do so they will have to master a challenging battle system full of fluid combos and chain attacks, and enlist the help of friends online. Additional features include: deep character customization, six job classes, and beautiful cutscenes that take advantage of the PS Vita's superior graphics capabilities.

The special Mercenary Edition contains a variety of exclusive physical items. See the complete list of these below.

Fight Against the Giants, and Survive!

Since ancient times, mankind and the Isolated Land were always divided by what was called the "Thousand Year Mountains" -- a range of mountains even a flying dragon couldn't cross. Naturally, mankind had thus always been curious about the seemingly inaccessible Isolated Land, wondering what secrets it may hold. And in an ironic twist of fate, that curiosity and thirst for knowledge and adventure would be fulfilled in a most unwelcome way. With a thunderous sound that shook the entire land, the Thousand Year Mountains came crumbling down, unveiling ancient ruins from the era of the gods. People could finally bear witness to what had been hidden away in the Isolated Land for nearly an eternity - and unfortunately, it turned out to be hundreds and thousands of giants. It became immediately apparent that these were not friendly creatures as they mercilessly turned cities to rubble with mere swings of their gigantic arms, crushing families and histories alike.
Ragnarok Odyssey game logo
Unleashing a devastating combo against an attacking giant in Ragnarok Odyssey
Take on a unique Action RPG inspired by Norse mythology, and exclusively for PS Vita.
An example of the fluid, airborne moves possible through the battle system of Ragnarok Odyssey
Master an unique 'Fling, Fly, and Smack' action battle system in your war against the giants.

Now, the kingdom of Rune Midgard is fighting valiantly for the survival of their country against the invading giants. The war has been fierce thus far, with massive casualties, but the resilient humans have managed to keep the giants at bay - if only temporarily. In an effort to prevent any recurrence of this massive tragedy, those in power ordered an enormous fortress called "The Shield" built at the entrance to the Isolated Land, to stand as a last barrier of hope and help fend off any inevitable future invasions. The residents of the kingdom may never return to their once peaceful way of life, but they will fight for whatever measure of prosperity they can still find. Their one and only reason to be has been ingrained into every citizen and turned into a rallying cry that echoes throughout the land: "Fight against the giants, and survive!"


Ragnarok Odyssey is an Action RPG set in an original world based on Norse mythology where a battle is being waged between humans and giants after the fall of the gods had previously separated the races. Players create their characters from over 20,000 possible combinations based on customizable physical features, then select one of six specialized job classes. The game's real-time battles are fast and furious as players can fling enemies skyward, follow them into the air for gravity-defying strikes, then finish off the combo by smacking them clear across the stage. Gameplay is driven forward by story-advancing and optional quests, and up to four players can fight together in online co-op mode.

Mercenary Edition Items Included

Ragnarok Odyssey: Mercenary Edition contents
  • Ragnarok Odyssey for PlayStation Vita
  • CD game soundtrack
  • The "Guild of Midgard Mercenary Guide" containing art and strategy tips
  • A pack of 10 monster cards

Key Game Features

  • Built Upon the Beloved World of Ragnarok Online, But Accessible to Anyone - While drawing inspiration from the popular world of Ragnarok Online, Ragnarok Odyssey was developed by Game Arts, the developer behind the Lunar and Grandia series, with an original story anyone can enjoy.
  • 'Fling, Fly, and Smack' Action Battle System - Fling enemies skyward, defy gravity to continue your assault in midair, then finish off the combo by smacking them clear across the stage.
  • Build a Unique Character - With over 20,000 combinations based on gender, facial features, accessories and more, plus six selectable job classes consisting of Sword Warrior, Hunter, Hammersmith, Assassin, Mage and Cleric, no two player-created characters will ever be alike.
  • 4-Player Online Co-op Support - Up to four players can play together online to take on some of the most fearsome and challenging giants in the game.

Additional Screenshots

Chaining attacks together in Ragnarok Odyssey
Six selectable job classes.
A cinematic cutscene from Ragnarok Odyssey
Stunningly beautiful cutscenes.
A hero standing before a town in Ragnarok Odyssey
Explore a rich gameworld.
A 4-player co-op screenshot from Ragnarok Odyssey
4-player support online.


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