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Ys: I and II Chronicles

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Ys: I and II Chronicles

XSEED Games / 2011-02-22

Role Playing Game

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Game Details

Ys: I & II Chronicles is a PSP remake of the first two iterations of the critically-acclaimed Ys single player RPG video game series. The graphics have been reimagined in highly-detailed hand-drawn 2D and the soundtrack has been newly rearranged. Returning fans have the option of playing with the original music or using alternative character art. Four difficulty levels and a Time Trial Mode have also been added, making this the definitive version of the legendary series' origin.
YS: I&II Chronicles game logo
YS: I&II Chronicles premium edition box and included CD soundtrack
Game bundle including two games as well as a CD soundtrack.

Two Great Games

At the beginning of the Ys saga, a mysterious redheaded boy named Adol Christin is found washed ashore in the land of Esteria – the first traveler to reach the Esterians in half a year, ever since the appearance of a mysterious barrier of storms around the island cut it off from the outside world. He is taken in by a young man in the port town of Minea as he recovers from the shipwreck. Once healthy, he is called upon by the local fortuneteller, who recognizes him as "The Chosen One," and tells him of the six Books of Ys. These historic books contain ancient secrets which Adol must uncover to overcome the evil blanketing the land. Adol's journey begins with a simple quest to find more information about these mysterious books, but quickly balloons into a deadly climb up a demonic tower to reach the mythical floating continent of Ys.

Adol's adventure continues in Ys II as he finally sets foot upon the legendary continent and pushes onward to perilously fulfill his fated role in this land's lore. Adol rushes into the depths of the once-sacred Palace of Solomon – now a monsters' nest – to stop the mastermind behind all the ills of Esteria and Ys and reunite the two lands, breathing new life into the monster-infested countryside. Along the way he must master the lost art of magic, transform himself into a fuzzy kangaroo-like creature, slide down icy slopes, prevent a human sacrifice, cross paths with a friendly monster, and much more.

Key Game Features

  • Two Great Classic RPGs with Full Graphical Overhauls in One Package - Newly hand-drawn 2D sprites and tile artwork bring the beginnings of the Ys series to life for a new generation of fans, reinventing a legacy that began over 20 years ago.
  • Newly Rearranged Soundtrack - The original soundtrack has been newly rearranged with actual studio performances by Falcom's in-house rock band, making these classic tracks stand out like never before.
  • Timeless Classic Gameplay - Buttonless battles offer elegantly simple gameplay, allowing players to defeat enemies simply by running into them, and Ys II expands upon this system by adding a variety of magic spells.
  • Lots of Added Customization Options - Multiple difficulty levels, a new Time Attack mode, and an option to toggle between two different sets of character art and three different sets of music offer something new for returning fans.

Additional Screenshots

An equipped level 16 Swordsman from YS: I&II Chronicles
Classic 2D RPG gameplay.
Movie clip screen capture from YS: I&II Chronicles
Beautiful cinematics.
Combat on a bridge in YS: I&II Chronicles
Multiple difficulty levels.
Boss battle from YS: I&II Chronicles
Spectacular boss battles.

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