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Test Drive Unlimited

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Test Drive Unlimited

Atari / 2007-03-20

Massively Multiplayer Online / Sports - Racing

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Game Details

Test DriveŽ Unlimited is the first-ever fully online racing experience for PSP system. Players connect to a server via WiFi and challenge any racer anywhere in the world and race to the finish line. Test DriveŽ Unlimited for the PSP system places an incredible line-up of licensed cars from 30+ of the world’s most exclusive manufacturers into the hands of gamers and lets them live the luxurious lifestyle wherever and whenever they want. Set in the island paradise of Oahu, Hawaii, Test DriveŽ Unlimited for the PSP system offers the most expansive network of open roads with no loading times. Developer Melbourne House has packed over one thousand miles of incredibly diverse, GPS mapped Hawaiian terrain, a challenging single-player game and a host of unique online options onto PSP system, enabling gamers to race live against opponents around the world via WiFi. As the first PSP racing game to allow gamers to play via the internet, Test DriveŽ Unlimited is racing reinvented.

* Packed with unique innovations: Over one thousand miles of open roads, Test DriveŽ Unlimited for PSP system delivers a fully streaming racing experience
* A wealth of licensed cars from 30+ exclusive manufacturers including Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Mercedes, Saleen, Shelby, and Jaguar;
* Create challenges or races from more than 30 in-game rules and settings;
* 'Quick Race' instant-play mode allowing busy players to generate a limitless number of challenges (exclusively to PSP and PlayStationŽ2 versions);
* Master Points System: earn points for racing, driving, air time, drifting, winning races, then use them to unlock new races and challenges.
* Connecting gamers across the globe via the internet: Test DriveŽ Unlimited’s online infrastructure gives players access via any WiFi spot to race against any of thousands of other players from around the world;
* Connecting gamers in the same location via WiFi: Wireless Direct Multiplayer System allows up to four players to compete in adhoc competitions via direct WiFi connection;
* Community: players can take part in events and challenges, visit car dealers and car parts stores, then meet and race with other online players.

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