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Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror

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Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror

Sony Computer Entertainment / 2006-03-14

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

Gabe Logan is a highly-trained Precision Strike Operative, commanding a black box U.S. Agency that, legally, doesnít exist. Using Precision Strike Tactics, advanced vision technology, and the latest in high-tech weaponry, Loganís specialty is covert operations requiring deadly force. Logan and his team perform ďsurgical strikesĒ: missions too sensitive for a military response, too dangerous for civilian intelligence forces. Loganís job is to infiltrate, recon and execute decisively. Once inserted, Logan is his own authority.

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Reply #3

2008-04-08 00:00:00

In Mission 4-3 i can't find all the small warheads.. were are there locations because i would like to get the SMAW

Reply #2

2007-06-20 00:00:00

the zipline glitch in the refinery you have to have emp grenade and go to the top of the middle bilding get a zip line go to 1 of the 2 zipline spots then you toss a grenade at you feet when the emp blows up hit up and strt walking if you do it 2 soon you will be stuck ion that place till some one kills you

Reply #1

2007-02-22 00:00:00

how to hide in the rtl


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Unlock M1 Super 90 in Mission Mode:
Destroy 5 DU containers in 4-1

Unlock M16A2 in Mission Mode:
Destroy 5 DU containers in 4-2

Unlock M4 Carbine in Mission Mode:
Destroy 5 DU containers in 4-3

Unlock the Rocket Launcher in Mission Mode:
Shoot all The Small Warheads in 4-3

Unlock Armor Expertise Badge:
Expert - Find Flak Jackets.
Elite - Find Flak Jackets.

Unlock Ammo Expertise Badge:
Expert - approximately 250 Headshots
Elite - approximately 500 Headshots

Unlock Explosive Expertise Badge (MGL, SMAW or M67):
Expert - approximately 200 Exp. Kills
Elite - 500 Exp. Kills

Unlock One Handed Skill Badge (Pistols):
Expert - approximately 250 Single Handed Guns
Elite - approximately 500 Single Handed Guns

Unlock Gadget Expertise Badge:
Expert and Elite - Get Kills with Laser Mines, Taser and Claymores

Unlock Hand-To-Hand Badge:
Expert - approximately 30 Melee kills
Elite - approximately 50 Melee Kills

Unlock Triage Badge (Revives):
Expert - approximately 100
Elite - approximately 200

Unlock Field Medic Badge:
Expert and Elite - Just Keep Healing

Unlock SP-57 - Training Mission 1:
Complete mission < 1m:25s

Unlock Famas - Training Mission 2:
Complete mission < 3m

Unlock UNP .45 - Training Mission 3:
Complete mission without missing a shot.

Unlock Birds of a Feather:
Complete Story mode on Normal or Hard

Unlock Jimmy Zhous Army:
Complete Birds of a Feather mission

Unlock Goodnight, Sweetheart:
Complete all the time limits in the Training missions

Unlock Trapped In The Hornets Nest:
Get all patches for Combat Sharp Shooter

Unlock Up a Column Without A Paddle:
Get all patches for Elite Weapons Expert

Unlock M249 SAW:
Complete KemSynth Tower < 2m:42s

Unlock Shot Defender:
Complete Sana Yemen < 3m:39s





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