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NFL Street 2 Unleashed

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NFL Street 2 Unleashed

Electronic Arts / 2005-03-21

Sports / Sports - Football

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Game Details

Defy gravity and stretch the world of arcade footbal to the skies with NFL Street 2: Unleashed. NFL players are free from their real-world constraints to dominate the streets one stylin' move and one field at a time. Raise your game to the limits with up-the-wall passes, off-the-wall catches, and highlight-reel wall jukes that are sure to solidify your place as football's greatest urban legend. With New Exclusive STREET Events, head-to-head wireless gameplay, NFL superstars and legends playing both sides of the ball, and new PSP-specific content, the time to own the streets is NOW.

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2005-09-28 00:00:00

need to give out cheats when we go there ok


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Entering Cheats
From the main menu go to Options -> Cheats & Codes. Enter the following passwords:

  • NFC East All Stars: NNOFRCTH
  • NFC North All Stars: NNAS66784
  • NFC South All Stars: SNOFUCTH
  • NFC West All Stars: ENASFSCT
  • AFC East All Stars: EAASFSCT
  • AFC North All Stars: NAOFRCTH
  • AFC South All Stars: SAOFUCTH
  • AFC West All Stars: WAEFSCT
  • Reebok Team: Reebok
  • Team Xzibit: TeamXzibit
  • 2x Gamebreaker: IIxGBCraZ
  • 10 Yard First-Down: FirstFirst
  • 10x Gamebreaker: XxGBCraZ
  • All Chains Mode: Trick3dOut
  • Ants Mode: RuinedPicnic
  • Bad Jumping and O-Moves: CementShoes
  • EA Field: EAField
  • Fumble Mode: Greased Pig
  • Gridiron Field: GRIDIRONPRK
  • Gridiron Field and Legend Team: str2mkryz
  • Huge Players: BIGSmash
  • Large Ball: BIGPig
  • Max Catch: MagnetHands
  • No First-Downs: NoChains
  • No Fumbles: GlueHands
  • No Textures: BloominGroup
  • Random Sized Players: SighsMatters
  • Small Players: Shrunken





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