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ModNation Racers

Sony Computer Entertainment / 2010-05-25

Sports / Sports - Racing

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Game Details

ModNation Racers is a kart style racing game for PlayStation Portable (PSP) designed to provide gamers on the go with the same outstanding gameplay found in the PS3 version. The game features all the track-based driving and comic combat players relish in the kart racing genre, blended with extreme customization, and online sharing of user generated content expected of a modern online multiplayer title. Additional features included a single player career mode with 25+ crazy tracks, the PSP exclusive Last Kart Standing Mode and 6-racer multiplayer support via online or local ad-hoc wireless connections.

ModNation Racers for PSP game logo
Get behind the wheel of PlayStation's latest creative gaming title, ModNation Racers for PSP, a thoroughly fresh take on the classic and ever-popular kart racing game genre that also allows players to personalize their entire game as you race, create, and share wherever you go. Like all kart racers the action in ModNation Racers is all about what happens on the track, but there is a lot of variety to that. If you are looking for traditional arcade-like action, enjoy endless karting fun in Pure Race Mode, but winning the race is only half of the fun. Players looking for a more full ModNation Racers experience can use combat-like racing strategies to attack other karts with an array of dramatic weapons.

Racer trying to outrun a missle in ModNation Racers for PSP

PSP kart racing fun.
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Ultimate Kart Racer Customization on the Go
In addition to topnotch kart racing action, ModNation Racers features extreme customization, allowing each player to create their own unique racing experience with the same tools used by the game development team. Begin by expressing yourself through the creation of your own Mod character and quirky kart. Starting with more or less a blank slate, players are free to change a variety of their racer's features. These range from head features and skin color, to wearable gear and attire. Customization of karts is equally deep, allowing for alteration of everything from suspension and interior, to body, wheels, decals. Finally, ModNation Racers gives players everything that they need to build the tracks of their dreams. With this functionality players can invest minimal time and enjoy basic creating, or they can invest more time and make sure every lake, mountain, banked turn and power-up is placed perfectly. Either way the result is quick, contagious fun that can be shared through online races of up to six players, both through local wireless ad-hoc play and via an infrastructure connection.

Key Game Features

  • Blaze through an action packed career mode across 25+ crazy tracks.
  • Challenge up to 6 players to race via online or ad-hoc wireless connections.
  • Exclusive "PSP-only" Last Kart Standing Mode.
  • Customize characters, karts, and tracks with thousands of options and easy to use tools.
  • Build your track in minutes or spend days perfecting it.
  • Share your creations with the world via your PSP's wireless connection.
  • Download unlimited user generated content for endless portable racing.
  • Re-mix any racer, kart, or track and express yourself.
Additional Screenshots:
Racing through a customized environment in ModNation Racers for PSP

Over-the-top action.
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Customizing a Mod in ModNation Racers for PSP

Create your own racer.
Customizing a kart in ModNation Racers for PSP

As well as karts and tracks.
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Multiplayer screen from ModNation Racers for PSP

6-racer multiplayer support.
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