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Metal Slug XX

Atlus Software / 2010-02-23


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Game Details

Metal Slug XX for PlayStation Portable (PSP) is the new addition to the beloved Metal Slug series that captures all the glory of the arcade experience and more. In it classic Metal Slug characters, as well as two from the King of Fighters series return to take on General Morden and his new and improved Rebel Army. Features include classic 2D gameplay, 70 unlockable missions, co-op multiplayer wireless support, the original Main Mission Story mode and a new Combat School ranking system.

Metal Slug XX game logo
Thanks to the reconstruction proceeding at a miraculous pace, the scars of destruction to the thoroughly destroyed headquarters of the regular army and its surrounding city were becoming less and less noticeable. But just then, a video transmission arrives at HQ. Discovered in the clip is a brief flash of a figure appearing to be one of Morden’s soldiers. HQ swiftly organizes a six-man covert strike force assigned with the following objectives: confirm the presence of Morden’s forces, and eliminate them—with extreme prejudice. Marco, Tarma, Eri, and Fio are quickly assembled as the initial members for this mission. Ralf and Clark, who had previously thrown in their lots with Marco and company, are also soon on board. So begins our heroes infiltration of Garbage Island, perhaps the final lair of Morden’s Forces. But will this be the last gasp of the dreaded General Donald Morden? We shall see.

Eri and Fio from Metal Slug XX

Once more into the breach.
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Loaded with classic side-scrolling arcade vehicle combat action, Metal Slug XX signals the rebirth of the 2D run 'n' gun shooter masterpiece. Along with seven stages packed with alternate routes, loads of bad guys, six drivable Slug vehicles and six playable characters from the Metal Slug and King of Fighters franchises, Metal Slug XX also contains the original Main Mission Story mode, a new Combat School ranking system and multi-card two-player co-op gameplay via the PSP's ad-hoc wireless connection.

Key Game Features

  • Arcade Fun Made Portable - The full glory of the Metal Slug arcade experience has been perfectly captured on the PlayStation Portable with signature off-the-wall military run 'n' gun gameplay and colorful, cartoony humor.
  • Multiplayer Metal Slug - Get the full Metal Slug experience that recalls the good old days of gaming with your friends when you join up over a wireless connection to take on missions in 2-player multi-card co-op ad hoc mode.
  • Play at Your Own Pace - Uncover something new on every playthrough as you choose between 3 difficulty modes.
  • All Your Favorite Characters - Take your pick of six playable characters, four from the Metal Slug franchise (Marco, Tarma, Eri and Fio), as well as two from the King of Fighters (Ralf and Clark). Each feature unique weapons and attack moves.
  • Seven Stunning Levels - Seven levels with diverging paths challenge you with different enemies and obstacles.
  • Combat School - Get the training that you need in Metal Slug Combat School, packed with more than 70 mission-based trials that determine military rank.
  • Six Slug vehicles - Put the hammer down in six available Slug vehicles spread throughout the game.
Additional Screenshots:
Classic 2D Metal Slug action in Metal Slug XX

Classic 2D action.
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New Combat School ranking sysyem in Metal Slug XX

Combat School ranking.
The Slug Gigantus weaponized vehicle from Metal Slug XX

6 Slug vehicles.
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Multiplayer co-op gameplay screen from Metal Slug XX

2-player wireless support.
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