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Ubisoft / 2005-03-22

Rhythmic Gaming / Puzzle

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Game Details

Bust blocks, groove through puzzles, and jam wirelessly with friends. Stack 'em right and you'll unlock lush looks and buttery beats. Want to be lumines? Just let the music guide you.


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Unlock Character 23:
Get 50 deletes in Time Attack 60.

Unlock Character 24:
Get 150 deletes in Time Attack 180.

Unlock Character 25:
Get 250 deletes in Time Attack 300.

Unlock Character 38:
Get 500 deletes in Time Attack 600.

Unlock Character 39:
Complete Level 1 in vs. CPU.

Unlock Character 40:
Complete Level 2 in vs. CPU.

Unlock Character 41:
Complete Level 3 in vs. CPU.

Unlock Character 42:
Complete Level 4 in vs. CPU.

Unlock Character 43:
Complete Level 5 in vs. CPU.

Unlock Character 44:
Complete Level 6 in vs. CPU.

Unlock Character 45:
Complete Level 7 in vs. CPU.

Unlock Character 46:
Complete Level 8 in vs. CPU.

Unlock Character 47:
Complete Level 9 in vs. CPU.

Unlock Character 48:
Complete Level 10 in vs. CPU.

Unlock Skins

45 Degrees:
Complete all normal puzzles in Puzzle Mode.

Get to Level 40 in Challenge Mode.

Auto Mobile Industry:
Complete Level 2 vs. CPU.

Big Elpaso:
Get to Level 70 in Challenge Mode.

Complete Level 8 vs. CPU.

Chinese Restaurant:
Complete Level 9 vs. CPU.

Get to Level 52 in Challenge Mode.

Dark Side Beside The River:
Complete Level 36 in Challenge Mode

Fly Into The Sky:
Get to Level 95 in Challenge Mode

Get up and go:
Get to Level 90 in Challenge Mode

Holiday In Summer:
Get to Level 60 in Challenge Mode

I hear the music in my Soul:
Get to level 32 in Challenge Mode

Japanese Form:
Complete Level 1 in vs. CPU.

Get to Level 28 in Challenge Mode.

Get to Level 100 in Challenge Mode.

Get to Level 80 in Challenge Mode.

Complete Level 5 in vs. CPU.

Moon Beam:
Complete Level 10 in vs. CPU.

Morning Completes:
Unlocked after 20 hours of play time.

My Generation:
Get to Level 75 in Challenge Mode

Please Return My CD:
Complete Level 3 in vs. CPU.

Prime Factor:
Complete all x2 puzzles in Puzzle Mode.

Unlocked after 10 hours of play time.

Round About:
Get to level 8 in Challenge Mode.

Shake Ya Body:
Get to level 16 in Challenge Mode.

Sister Walk:
Get to Level 48 in Challenge Mode.

Get to Level 12 in Challenge Mode.

Get to Level 85 in Challenge Mode.

Square Dance:
Get to level 20 in Challenge Mode.

Get to level 56 in Challenge Mode.

Take A Dog Out A Walk:
Get to level 65 in Challenge Mode.

Talk 2 You:
Get to level 24 in Challenge Mode>

The Bird Singing In The Night:
Complete level 4 in vs. CPU.

The Spy Loves Me:
Get to level 7 in vs. CPU.

Tin Toy:
Clear vs. CPU.

Get to level 4 in Challenge Mode.

Water, Flower & Lights:
Finish with 999,999 in Challenge Mode

Complete level 6 in vs. CPU

Working In The Hole:
Get to level 44 in Challenge Mode





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