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LocoRoco 2

Sony Computer Entertainment / 2008-11-21


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Game Details

Armed with a deadly song that kills all living things, the evil Moja army have returned to enslave the LocoRoco! Help the LocoRoco bring life and music back to the planet in this exciting new sequel. Experience the addictive "Tilt and Roll" gameplay that made it an instant classic and discover brand new abilities and challenges.

LocoRoco 2
Fun Environments
Fun Environments
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The New Purple LocoRoco
The New Purple LocoRoco
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Underwater Adventures
Underwater Adventures
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The Story
Living peacefully on a faraway planet, the LocoRoco and their friends, the Mui Mui, help grow vegetation and look after nature, making the planet a pleasant place to be, playing and singing the days away. When the Moja Troop comes to the planet to take it over, the LocoRoco do not know how to fight against these invaders from outer space. As such, the player assumes the role of "the planet" that is capable of tilting back and forth, and bouncing the LocoRoco in the air, to defeat the Moja Troop and rescue the LocoRoco. The player will also meet many different characters along the way, some of which are unknown to the player. The player must find out how to interact with these characters, and find out what they know, while determining if they are beneficial or should be avoided as foes. Mui Mui can be found in secret areas within the game.

Key Game Features:

  • 25 colorful new stages with hidden challenges to uncover
  • Enhance LocoRoco by collecting music notes
  • Play 6 exciting new mini games
  • Challenge friends Ad-hoc 4 player battle
  • New LocoRoco Actions: Climb into shells to roll and destroy obstacles, Swing on vines and Jump across grass blades, Sing together and collect notes, Swim underwater
The player controls the planet the LocoRoco inhabit to move the LocoRoco around. The player can also split larger LocoRoco into individual LocoRoco, and then recombine them. Splitting is required into order to fit through tight spaces and also solve many puzzles. (For example, smaller LocoRoco start singing when left idle for a while, which is required at the end of the levels.) There are 5 worlds to clear, each consisting of 8 levels.

The object of each level is to find and eat as many "berries" as possible to increase the size of the LocoRoco, to a maximum of 20. There are also "Pickories" and "Mui Mui" to find. The "Pickories" are used as currency for playing the minigames Mui Mui Crane and Chuppa Chuppa, while the "Mui Mui" unlock more minigames and music for the Loco House. The player must also be careful to avoid enemies, mainly "Burrs" (spiky obstacles) and "Moja", which can cause them to lose LocoRoco or even die if the last LocoRoco is lost.

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