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Downstream Panic!

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Downstream Panic!

Atari / 2008-02-05


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Game Details

A giant cyclone has sucked up thousands of fish from the oceans! Itís an ecological disaster! Tanks of water are immediately assembled throughout the world, so that all the fish can be returned to the oceans. As the sea creatures start falling back to Earth, someone must make sure they land safely and quickly since they cannot survive for long out of water!

Your goal in Downstream Panic! Is very simple: you have to safely lead as many fish as possible to the sea. Use various tools to control the flow of water and rescue the fish swimming in it.

* More than 80 levels with 5-6 different environments

* 10 Downloadable levels in a new Paradise environment

* 3 Modes to choose from Ė Adventure, Free Play, and Survival modes

* Over 8 types of tools available Ė from destructive items like Bombs, Harpoons and Fishing Nets, to more unique tools like Fans and Freezers

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