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Diner Dash: Sizzle and Serve

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Diner Dash: Sizzle and Serve

Eidos / 2007-05-22


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Poor Flo is sick and tired of pushing paper in the dreary, bleary-eyed world of finance. She's ditched her desk job and setting out to build her very own empire of high-class, five-star restaurants. Take on the role of Flo serving wave after wave of hungry customers. Starting out from a small roadside diner and working your way up to 5-star themed restaurants. The game blends the fast and frantic elements of serving customers and keeping them happy while adding brand-new features. Diner Dash is the action-puzzle game that brings out the entrepreneur in all of us!

# Table Reservations: Flo must seat reserved customers at the tables reserved for their party. Reserved customers will be unhappy if their table is occupied but will leave Flo a very big tip if they are satisfied with their meal.
# Brand-new outfits: Unlock 5 different outfits for Flo to wear in her restaurants!
# Critic Reviews: Beware the "Critic" character who reviews your restaurant depending on how well you serve her. # All-New Levels: Introducing 50 different levels with over 20 un-lockable levels, and 6 new restaurants.
# Exciting Upgrades: Score enough points to unlock upgrades that will help you improve your customers' happiness such as energy bars, stereos and more!
# Wireless Multiplayer: For the first time ever, play Diner Dash against a friend!
- Introducing 3 new multi-player modes for friends to play against each other: Highest Score, First to Serve and Survival Mode.
- Play as 5 different characters including the Chef and Maitre d!
# Gain customer testimonials by winning different goals throughout the game.
- Once a Critic leaves your restaurant satisfied, power ups are left at her table that will either benefit your player or restrict your opponent for a short period of time.

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