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Avatar: The Last Airbender

THQ / 2006-10-10


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Game Details

Play as Aang, Katara, Haru and Sokka as you grow your team into an unstoppable force. Utilize your bending powers and explore the Avatar universe. Bring to life an adventure of intrigue, deception and revelation that exposes an even greater threat than the Fire Nation as you battle new enemies and master your bending skills.

* Awesome martial arts style combat
* Fully customizable and upgradeable bending powers: You decide how your character improves in the bending disciplines
* Epic adventuring: Journey through all the Great Nations of Avatar world
* Environments and characters from the TV show, PLUS never before seen enemies and creatures

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2009-03-29 00:00:00


To start out try to max Katara's heal and get hr chi points high. Then only lvl up Sokka's MDN to 6 and VIT to 13. The rest to PWR. Then Sokka will be yor main fighter. Make his Power Attack mastered and then his Hand to Hand since when it is maxed it owns, since my Sokka is currently lvl 35, and with his hand to hand attack, if it is his FULL combo, I hit about 35-50 each hit and hit abot 7 times so i hit around 275-300 with hand to hand and usig no chi points. Next you're going to wana max Katara's meditate, when the heal is maxed it uses 100 chi so you need it. After that, max you Maelstrom (yes that is how u spell it lol)since if she is with you you're gonna need her to fight some too. You then should not worry about Anng untill maybe chapter 5 or 6 sicne there are 7 but u gt alot of exp i thoese chapters. SO ignore Anng and you should have Haru. When you hav him you will need to max only 2 skills and Hand to Hand. So first mx Ground wave, rage then power. After that, max out hand to hand. Finnaly max out Shoot Rocks,speed before power. You are now probably in chapter 5-7. You now need to worry about Anng since he needs to go solo alot in chapters 5-7. First max ou Gale, it is his strongest and a multi-attack. Next Hand to Hand. If you have some left over max his max power guage attack. Then if you have even more max air scooter since there are far places and t will get on you nerves DEFINATLY. Note: on all bosses get 20 Explosion bombs, use Sokka, other should ot b Anng, Haru strong and Katara heals so yu decide, BUT the last boss alot of people avoid on it, on the last boss you are invincible xD trust me the blue glowing this makes you invincible. An now you will see that you will need to max bending combo for it. Then rather use gale like other fourums say do it my way, on last boss when you're the solo blue Anng USE BENDING COMBO AND HAND TO HAND. It will not do as much but it is faster and yo wil not be knocked back. Also bending combo mad hits more then gale and s does hand to hand if you use the full combo. If you need any more help raising your stats or anyhting about this game (i beat it faster then any1 trust me xD) E-mail me at thank you for reading, and on last thing (you an just stop reading here xP) if you have a no delay hack for maplestory send it to me ok? Now go kick this game inthe @$$ then e-mail me to tell meh how long it took you unless it toook you over 2 weeks then i don't want to hear LOL bye.

Phil Pw3ner
Reply #2

2007-09-03 00:00:00


At the menu, enter the following code. The sound of whirling wind will go off in the background when correctly entered.

[X], [X], [Square], [Triangle], [Start], [Circle], [Circle], [Start]: Invincibility

cheat codes
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2007-05-27 00:00:00

when against boss of the 4th chapter,use wave of wind until over and earth wave until end

katara lover

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