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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Sony Computer Entertainment / 2009-10-13

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

Follow-up game to 2007's critically acclaimed Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, the PlayStation 3 exclusive Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is a continuation of the adventures of Nathan Drake, a fortune-hunter with a shady reputation and an even shadier past. Chock full of all the action, adventure, cinematic story elements and beautiful graphics that set the first game apart, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves adds deep online multiplayer options, including co-op and competitive campaigns, and a whole new supporting cast of characters, making it yet another must-have title for the PlayStation 3 platform.

'Uncharted 2: Among Thieves' game logo
Sully, Chloe and Nathan Drake in 'Uncharted 2: Among Thieves'

Drake with his crew.
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Online multiplayer screenshot example from 'Uncharted 2: Among Thieves'

Online multiplayer modes.
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Drake catching some air on the rooftops to avoid enemy fire in 'Uncharted 2: Among Thieves'

Cinematic, over-the-top action.
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Drake and Chloe checking out a temple statue in 'Uncharted 2: Among Thieves'

Varied exotic environments.
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Drake taking fire from a helicopter in 'Uncharted 2: Among Thieves'

No action-stopping load screens.
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Drake about to get jumped while crossing a log bridge in 'Uncharted 2: Among Thieves'

New stealth gameplay.
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In Uncharted 2: Amongst Thieves fortune hunter Nathan Drake embarks on a journey that will push him to his physical, emotional and intellectual limits to discover the real truth behind the lost fleet of Marco Polo and the legendary Himalayan valley of Shambhala, more commonly known in the west as Shangri-La.

In 1292 Marco Polo departed the court of Kublai Khan in China with 14 ships filled with over 600 passengers and crew. Eighteen months later only one ship remained and 18 passengers survived. Marco Polo never revealed what happened to these lost ships. Embarking on a quest to find the lost fleet, fortune hunter Nathan Drake soon realizes Marco Polo was hiding a much bigger secret - he had gone on a secret expedition to find the mythical kingdom of Shambhala and to recover the legendary Cintamani Stone, the "Wish-fulfilling jewel" of Buddhist mythology. With this new information Drake settles on a new course, following Marco Polo's trail through a diverse range of exotic environments. This quest also pits him against a new, more formidable adversary - a ruthless, rogue paramilitary leader with a private army and a relentless ambition to recover the stone for himself.

Although gameplay in Among Thieves is similar to that of the previous game, there are several major differences. The most important of these is the addition of several online multiplayer options. Unfortunately, no offline multiplayer could be included in the game due to the impact local split-screening has on the game's graphical quality. Thankfully though, the online modes included cover both co-op and competitive play. See the feature list below for details on these. In addition to play modes players can also expect a wealth of new gameplay features including a new stealth gameplay mechanic and altered climbing mechanic--both of which are extended to the AI of enemies; the ability to create cover by flipping over certain found items; the use of riot shields for defense and offense; and a complete lack of loading screens.

Key Game Features

  • Powered by Naughty Dog’s new 2.0 Engine Technology.
  • Open layout allows players to take an aggressive or stealth approach to combat.
  • Free-flowing "traversal gunplay" adds a unique vertical element to standard 3rd-person shooting mechanics.
  • Award-winning cinematic story presentation.
  • A Deep Single Player Campaign
    • An expanded cast of characters who reflect different facets of Drake’s character, including Chloe Frazer, Drake’s current partner and new romantic interest.
    • Varied and exotic locations – from lush, green swamps and dense urban environments, all the way to the ice and snow of the Himalayas.
    • Unrestricted combat allows you to take an aggressive or stealthy approach to combat.
      • Free-flowing "traversal gunplay" adds a unique vertical element to familiar cover-based third-person shooting mechanics, allowing you to engage in combat from any position in the environment – even while climbing and hanging.
      • Introduction of new traversal and free-climbing mechanics allow Drake to navigate through the environments more fluidly and naturally.
      • Gunplay and combat enhancements, including an expanded melee system, and a variety of enemy types with advanced AI routines. High-quality cinematic presentation of scenes, characters and dialogue, all rendered within the Naughty Dog Engine 2.0.
      • Dramatic in-game events that make you an active participant in the cinematic experience.
      • Full character interaction with dynamic geometry.
    • Utilizes Naughty Dog Engine 2.0 purpose-built for the PlayStation 3; utilizes the PS3 technology to hit a turning point in technology innovation by recreating reality and capturing human emotion.
    • No visible loading – a Naughty Dog hallmark – returns along with technology improvements in major game systems such as lighting, shadows, ambient occlusion, animation technology and physics, among many others.
  • A Wide Variety of Online Multiplayer Options.
    • Competitive Multiplayer
      • Competitive multiplayer gameplay includes up to 10 players in heroes-versus-villains matches.
      • Deathmatch: Up to 5 vs. 5 with customizable or pre-set game modes.
      • Plunder: Unique style of multiplayer that encourages team work to transport a treasure across terrain horizontally and vertically over obstacles.
      • Player boosters give you a variety of options to customize your characters to your play style or to provide an advantage over opponents.
    • Co-op Multiplayer
      • Up to three players work together in cooperative modes to accomplish set objectives with increasing difficulty and against special enemy characters.
      • Combo system encourages further teamwork to increase a point total and currency multiplier.
      • Weapon upgrades let you customize your weapons to your play style or provide an advantage over opponents.
  • General Multiplayer Features.
    • Robust party system allows you to remain with your friends in matchmaking and custom matches.
    • Custom matches allow you to customize maps and modes which your party wishes to play.
    • Currency gained in multiplayer matches can be combined with currency gained in single player missions to unlock additional content and upgrades.
    • Character animations and environments taken from single player campaign maintain visual fidelity with no degradation.
    • Gameplay and character mechanics identical from the single-player campaign, ensuring user familiarity and same level of quality.
    • Headset support.
    • Proprietary Naughty Dog Engine 2.0 network code captures a broad range of gameplay data for statistics reporting on the web and for functionality like Cinema, which allows players to watch replays of matches.
    • Cutting edge technology such as cloud-based computing allows for scalable online infrastructure to provide optimal player experience.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Hints & Tips: Infinite Enemies for Trophy Hunters

If you're having trouble getting any of the "X kills per weapon," or Headshot or Survivor Trophies (kill 75 enemies before dying), there is a location shortly after starting Chapter 19: The Siege where you can camp and shoot continuously respawning enemies.

After starting Chapter 19, make your way down the sloping alley to the large courtyard. There is a mounted machine gun uphill on the left constantly shooting at you. Clear out as many enemies as you can and climb up to the right of the door of the building closest to the cliff (on your right as you enter the courtyard). Take cover looking toward the mounted machine gun on the left and use a grenade to take it out.

If you now look slightly right of the machine gun, at the small grass/mud patch before the next building, you will see an enemy running from behind a building from right to left making for the machine gun. Camp here in cover and keep shooting the enemies as they appear from behind the building. They only stop spawning temporarily if one of them reaches the mounted machine-gun (if one reaches the gun, then grenade them to start the respawns again). Beware: it will stop permanently if you go further to the right, triggering the RPG/wall collapsing cutscene.

If you've already beaten Chapter 19 at the difficulty you're playing, purchased weapons in the store and unlocked the "Infinite Ammo" tweak, then you can use these to get the weapon/kills Trophies.

Easter Egg: Uncharted 1 Signage

On the "Urban Warfare" chapter and "Their Coming With Us" chapters, the climb-able signs hold references to Uncharted 1. For instance: Club Raja (Which is a reference to Eddy Raja from the first game) and Hotel El Dorado (which is a reference to MacGuffin from the first game).

Hints & Tips: Run While Crippled

On chapters where Nate is injured, if you carry a propane tank you'll be able to run without hindrance.

Cheat Codes: Use Tweaks on Any Difficulty

Normally, when you beat the game on a certain difficulty you'll be able to use Tweaks in a new game set on that difficulty. However, if you start a new game on a difficulty you haven't beaten, you can still enable Tweaks. Play until you have a real gun and then switch the difficulty to a mode you've beaten and enable your Tweaks. Save and quit, then set the difficulty back tot he harder version on the Main Menu. When you return to the game, your Tweaks will be enables on that harder mode.

Cheat Codes: Infinite Money

Once you have beat the game you'll get the chance to guy buy things like weapons from the store. You make money by doing things like finding treasures etc.

Once you do something that gives you a large amount of money (like Master Ninja for 25k). Save your game (if it's not at an auto save area) and then quit back to the main screen. Then load up the game again you'll keep getting the reward each time you do it. Soon enough you'll have enough money to buy everything without having to find all the treasures.

Unlockables: Multiplayer Taunts

The following taunts can be unlocked by performing the actions below. After they are unlocked you may purchase them in the Multiplayer Store.

  • "Flex" Taunt - Reach Level 20, then purchase for $50,000
  • "Flurry" Taunt - Reach Level 30, then purchase for $100,000
  • "Kiss" Taunt - Reach Level 10, then purchase for $10,000
  • "Pump" Taunt - Reach Level 53, then purchase for $500,000
  • "Yes" Taunt - Reach Level 40, then purchase for $250,000

Unlockables: Multiplayer Characters / Skins

The following skins can be unlocked by performing the actions below. After they are unlocked you may purchase them in the Multiplayer Store.

  • Cameraman Jeff - Reach Level 30, then purchase for $100,000
  • Doughnut Drake - Reach Level 60, then purchase for $2,000,000
  • Genghis Khan Villain Skin - Beat Crushing Difficulty. Cost: 1,500,000
  • Harry Flynn - Reach Level 20, then purchase for $50,000
  • Heist Drake - Reach Level 10, then purchase for $20,000
  • Heist Flynn - Reach Level 20, then purchase for $50,000
  • Karl Schafer - Reach Level 50, then purchase for $1,000,000
  • Lieutenant Draza - Reach Level 50, then purchase for $1,000,000
  • Marco Polo Hero Skin - Get the Platinum trophy. Cost: Free.
  • Skelzor - Reach Level 60, then purchase for $2,000,000
  • Winter Chloe - Reach Level 20, then purchase for $50,000
  • Winter Drake - Reach Level 40, then purchase for $250,000
  • Winter Elena - Reach Level 30, then purchase for $100,000
  • Winter Flynn - Reach Level 30, then purchase for $100,000
  • Zoran Lazarevic - Reach Level 40, then purchase for $250,000
  • Zorskel - Reach Level 10, then purchase for $20,000

Unlockables: Multiplayer Boosters

The following Boosters can be unlocked by attaining the levels below. After they are unlocked you may purchase them in the Multiplayer Store.

  • Point and Shoot (Booster Slot 1) - Reach Level 2, then purchase for $2,000
  • Bandoleer (Booster Slot 2) - Reach Level 4, then purchase for $2,000
  • From the Hip (Booster Slot 1) - Reach Level 6, then purchase for $5,000
  • Scavenger (Booster Slot 2) - Reach Level 8, then purchase for $8,250
  • Break Up (Booster Slot 1) - Reach Level 10, then purchase for $11,250
  • Keep Firing (Booster Slot 2) - Reach Level 12, then purchase for $14,250
  • Down the Irons (Booster Slot 1) - Reach Level 14, then purchase for $18,750
  • Fleet Foot (Booster Slot 2) - Reach Level 16, then purchase for $23,250
  • Hell Blazer (Booster Slot 1) - Reach Level 18, then purchase for $27,750
  • Explosive Expert (Booster Slot 2) - Reach Level 20, then purchase for $32,250
  • Turtle (Booster Slot 1) - Reach Level 22, then purchase for $40,500
  • Treasure Bearer (Booster Slot 2) - Reach Level 24, then purchase for $43,500
  • Sure Foot (Booster Slot 2) - Reach Level 26, then purchase for $52,500
  • Launch Man (Booster Slot 2) - Reach Level 28, then purchase for $58,500
  • Sure Shot (Booster Slot 1) - Reach Level 30, then purchase for $64,500
  • Monkey Man (Booster Slot 2) - Reach Level 32, then purchase for $72,000
  • Walk Softly (Booster Slot 1) - Reach Level 34, then purchase for $79,500
  • Scoped In (Booster Slot 2) - Reach Level 36, then purchase for $87,000
  • Juggler (Booster Slot 1) - Reach Level 38, then purchase for $94,500
  • Deposit (Booster Slot 2) - Reach Level 40, then purchase for $98,250
  • Rapid Hands (Booster Slot 1) - Reach Level 42, then purchase for $111,000
  • Rocket Man (Booster Slot 2) - Reach Level 44, then purchase for $120,000
  • Situational Awareness (Booster Slot 1) - Reach Level 46, then purchase for $129,000
  • Revenge (Booster Slot 2) - Reach Level 48, then purchase for $134,250
  • Evasion (Booster Slot 1) - Reach Level 50, then purchase for $210,000
  • Veiled (Booster Slot 1) - Reach Level 51, then purchase for $300,000
  • Invalid (Booster Slot 1) - Reach Level 52, then purchase for $350,000
  • Half Loaded (Booster Slot 2) - Reach Level 54, then purchase for $400,000
  • Glass Jaw (Booster Slot 1) - Reach Level 56, then purchase for $1,500,000
  • Come Get Some (Booster Slot 2) - Reach Level 58, then purchase for $2,000,000

Unlockables: Bonus Money for Old-School Players

In the store, hit SQUARE button to check for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune save data. You'll be rewarded with the following bonuses.

  • $20,000 - Load Uncharted 2 on a hard drive with a game save for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
  • $80,000 - Load Uncharted 2 on a hard drive with a completed game save for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Unlockables: Crushing Difficulty

To unlock Crushing Difficulty, beat the game once through on Hard Difficulty.

Hints & Tips: The Strange Relic

The Strange Relic is back in Uncharted 2 -- you can find it in the sewer in Chapter Five.

Hints & Tips: Marco Polo's Rish Legacy

You'll encounter a pool on the roof of a hotel during Chapter Six. Be sure to jump in it and swim around when you encounter it. Chloe and Nate will play an impromptu game of Marco Polo, and you'll earn $10,000 in-game to spend on bonuses as a result.





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