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Sonic The Hedgehog

Sega / 2006-11-14

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

When video game icon Sonic The Hedgehog debuted on the SEGA Genesis in 1991, he shook up the action-platform genre with his signature speed and rebellious attitude. More than 44 million units later, Sonic celebrates his 15th anniversary and blazes his way onto the next generation consoles for an epic adventure designed to deliver the most intense sensation of speed experienced to date.

The game is set in Soleanna, the beautiful city of water. In his first adventure set in the human world, Sonic meets a beautiful princess named Elise, whom he quickly befriends, but Princess Elise is abducted by none other than the calculating Dr. Eggman who is working under dark and sinister motives,to destroy this special kingdom of hers. In order to restore safety and serenity, Sonic must maneuver his way through a series of adventures and challenges where he will encounter and interact with a bevy of allies and enemies, and ultimately go head to head against the menacing doctor to thwart his malicious plans. Along the way, Sonic encounters a mysterious character named Silver. Blocking him with unique supernatural powers, even the Blue dude with 'tude will find it difficult to out-maneuver the enigmatic Silver! As Sonic speeds through the huge kingdom, the mysteries unravel.

Sonic The Hedgehog melds top-tier animation production values with next generation art, physics and game design to create the most intense, high velocity Sonic adventure yet! Featuring interactive 3D environments, a large cast of new and returning characters, and a blistering sense of speed, get ready for the reinvention of Sonic The Hedgehog!


* 15 years in the making. After his 1991 debut, universal video game icon Sonic returns to his high-velocity roots to create a new dimension of entertainment.
* Speed Redefined. Utilizing next-gen technologies, light bloom, and environmental motion-blur effects, Sonic's breakneck speed and dazzling world come to life.
* Amigos and enemies. Sonic is joined by friends and foes from the franchise history, as well as a new character, Silver, whose supernatural powers will wreak mayhem on Sonic's plans!
* Realistic World. Using a next-generation physics engine, Sonic's moves, attacks and environment interaction respond realistically to opposing forces. The dynamic environments have been specifically created to promote Sonic's sense of speed while delivering a great sense of scale.
* Two different types of stages. Town stages where Sonic will be able explore vast environments and play various sub-missions, and Action stages where Sonic's blistering speed will be utilized in full effect.
* Multiplayer Mode. Up to two players can play as Sonic and his amigos in high-spirited multiplayer fun!

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Reply #8

2011-03-30 00:00:00

hold L2 and R2 then press up up down left right start

Reply #7

2011-03-30 00:00:00

press down, down, down, up, left, right, square, circle, start to unlock unlimited coins and every lvl and invincibility

by shiloh
Reply #6

2009-06-23 00:00:00

cheat name super sonic how to actavat tyep in left left x x o o

pleas submit

Reply #5

2009-06-23 00:00:00

cheat name all levels how to avtavat press start then press lefet lefet up up dowen

Reply #4

2009-06-23 00:00:00

cheat name all levels how to avtavat press start then press lefet lefet up up dowen

Reply #3

2008-05-31 00:00:00

how to find elise then mepillis comes and kill sonic.

Reply #2

2007-03-05 00:00:00


After the the video clip of the princess of soleanna, there will be a town square. go through it to the store and before you get to the store you will see an old man with a mark on his head. talk to him. he made some shoes. if you test them for him you get to keep them. these shoes will come of good use.

Reply #1

2007-02-06 00:00:00

Play as super sonic!1st get th ranbow stone,2nd get all town and act missions S rank and finnaly purchase super sonic in the store!


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Silver medals:
The silver medals are everywhere. On the first level when you go through the mirror you will end up at the the beach. When you jump on and off the big rocks and you land on the building do not grind down the rail. Look round and you will find a silver medal. After that go down the rail and when you go through the loops you will be running on water. To the left there will be another silver medal and a life (1up). Be warned because if you walk on a rock you cannot run back off it.

Unlock Last Episode:
Beat Sonic's Episode, Shadow's Episode, and Silver's Episode

Unlock Extras Menu:
Complete either Sonic, Shadow, or Silver's story 100% to unlock the Extras menu on the main menu.





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