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Shrek Forever After

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Shrek Forever After

Activision / 2010-05-18

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

Shrek, Fiona, Donkey and Puss In Boots are back in Shrek Forever After, the final chapter in the Shrek story. Shrek longs for the days when he was a "real ogre" and not the family man he is today. Making a deal with the slick-talking Rumplestiltskin, Shrek is transported to an alternate world where ogres are hunted, Rumplestiltskin is King and Shrek and Fiona have never met. Fight to save your friends, the land of Far, Far Away from the mischievous miscreant, Rumplestiltskin and reclaim your one true love.

Play as Shrek, Fiona, Donkey and Puss In Boots

Play as Shrek, Fiona, Donkey and Puss In Boots.
Each character has their own set of special moves

Each character has their own set of special moves.
Problem solving gameplay as well as mash-em up fighting

Problem solving gameplay as well as mash-em up fighting.
Shrek Forever After The Game


Team up with your friends in the ultimate Shrek game, based on Dreamworks Animation's final Shrek movie. Play as Shrek, Puss In Boots, Donkey and Fiona to out-smart, out-fight, and out-play that crafty Rumpelstiltskin. Team up with up to four of your friends and be transported to an alternate version of Far, Far Away in this quest to save your home. Use each character's unique abilities to solve puzzles and unleash their powerful fighting moves to defeat enemies in exciting gameplay. Switch between Shrek's normal world and the alternate reality for double the adventure, and re-discover your inner ogre to restore your world to its former glory.


  • Based on the DreamWorks Animation film

  • Play as Shrek, Fiona, Donkey and Puss In Boots as you fight to save Far, Far Away from the crafty Rumplestiltskin

  • Utilize each character's fighting moves and unique abilities in your quest

  • Morph between Shrek's normal world and his alternate reality for twice the adventure

  • Enjoy fun and exciting gameplay through a combination of problem solving and mash-em-up fighting

  • Play with up to four people in drop-in, drop-out cooperative mode

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