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MLB 12 The Show

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MLB 12 The Show

Sony Computer Entertainment / 2012-03-06

Sports / Sports - Baseball

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Game Details

MLB 12 The Show is a PlayStation-exclusive baseball simulation game that combines the outstanding graphics quality and features that has made it the top rated Sports video game franchise for four years running. The PlayStation 3 version of the game features optional full PlayStation Move control support, four-player multiplayer support online and offline, the online Diamond Dynasty mode, cross-platform saves with the PS Vita version of the game and an extensive roster of realistically portrayed MLB players.
MLB 12 The Show game logo
The seams of a ball spinning as a pitcher hurls a ball from the mound in MLB 12 The Show
The highest rated sports video game is back and coming at you for in all-new season in 2012.

The Highest Rated Sports Video Game is All-New for 2012

MLB 12 The Show is the 2012 release in a franchise has been the highest rated sports video game for 4 years running. The Show enables consumers to immerse themselves in exhilarating baseball moments by delivering true-to-life gameplay, authentic franchise and season modes, and incredible detail not found in any other sports game. MLB 12 The Show builds on what has been delivered in previous franchise releases adding compelling features that bring unparalleled innovation and polish to the sports genre. Just a few of these new features are full Move controller support in all aspects of the game, expanded multiplayer support online and cross compatibility with the PlayStation Vita version of the game.

Key Game Features

  • Full Move Support - Control all aspects of The Show with the Move controller.
  • 4-Player Multiplayer Support - Enjoy 4-player multiplayer support both online and offline.
  • Diamond Dynasty - Compete in a massive multiplayer online experience where success depends on your managerial approach, player training and your skill / strategy against your competitors in this all-new mode for 2012. Create a custom team and collect and play with MLB players or activate and train Dynasty cards.
  • Cross Platform Saves - Save files between the PS3 and PS Vita systems as you continue your Season, Franchise, and Road to the Show games on the go
  • True Broadcast Presentations - Our biggest leap ever towards truly blurring the lines between a game day in reality and a game day in The Show.
  • 3D Compatible - Compete in true PlayStation stereoscopic 3D when using compatible hardware.

Additional Screenshots

Slapping the ball to left field in MLB 12 The Show
Full PlayStation Move support.
Bare-handing a ball in the infield in MLB 12 The Show
PS Vita cross-compatibility.
Albert Pujols standing ready on defense in MLB 12 The Show
All your favorite players.
A Baltimore player making a catch in the outfield in MLB 12 The Show
Online and local multiplayer.

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