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Last Rebellion

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Last Rebellion

Koei / 2010-02-23

Role Playing Game

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Game Details

Last Rebellion is a turn-based role-playing game (RPG) that blends stirring storytelling with an engaging and addictive battle system. A PlayStation 3 exclusive, it features two main characters, Nine and Aisha, who although they work together as a team in battle, can each be played separately. Features include a unique battle system that allows for tagging of enemies, ensuring focused and efficient attacks and turn flow, as well as gorgeous watercolor-like character art and event scenes.

Last Rebellion game logo
Junovald is a world governed by the power and the will of two gods: Meiktilia, who presides over the death of all life and destruction of all things; and Formival, who presides over the birth of all life and the creation of all things. Meiktilia has been said to bless two types of people with special gifts, Blades who have ultimate and supernatural skill needed to destroy the physical structure of things and Sealers who use magical abilities to destroy the metaphysical structure of things. Conversely, the god Formival's remarkable power allows all things, once dead, to revive. Under his influence the original souls of creatures facing death escape their bodies, which are in turn controlled by a fragment of Formival's soul. Imbued with a divine but malignant spark, these beings, known as Belzeds, become monsters, growing stronger if not checked. Only the destruction of their physical and metaphysical selves, requiring the power of both a Blade and a Sealer, can truly destroy them. Due to a protracted civil war, the Kingdom of Lorvin has become infested with Belzeds. Knowing the weakness of the Belzed's duality, the king of Lorvin, Arzelide, has summoned Nine Asfel, the most powerful of Blades and Aisha Romandine, a beautiful but frighteningly powerful Sealer, to make a final stand. But they must work together if Lorvin is to survive.

Nine and Aisha from Last Rebellion

Merge the destructive powers of the Blade and the Sealer in Last Rebellion.
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Last Rebellion is a single player, turn-based RPG. Centered around the elimination of the physical and metaphysical components that make up the Belzed threat, the game's battle system allows the player to control the team of Nine and Aisha, and in fact toggle between the two. A turn consists of actions by both characters. Because each has specific strengths, and specific enemies are more susceptible to attacks in certain orders, players decide which character of their duo strikes first. In dealing with enemies the player uses a combination of sword strokes and magic, with attacks being initiated and maintained across multiple turns using what is referred to as the "Attack and Stamp" method. As a specific body part(s) of an enemy(s) is engaged with sword strokes, symbols known as "Stamps" appear over that area. Initiating attacks on body parts uses chain points, which are provided in limited numbers to the player. Stamps serve as a homing beacon for further magic attacks, which can thereafter be unleashed on multiple stamped spots simultaneously. Each enemy type is susceptible to attacks made in certain orders. Chain points can be budgeted by memorization of these attack orders and the various weak spots of enemies. Bingo and combo points are rewarded for targeting weak spots in the right order, and doing so in consecutive attacks respectively. Once physically defeated magic points can be extracted from Belzed enemies, with players also building into their turn a sealing attack by Aisha to eliminate the Belzed's regeneration ability. If this is not done Belzeds will revive, stronger than ever.

Key Game Features

  • A PlayStation 3 exclusive, featuring classic turn-based RPG action.
  • Two main characters that players can toggle between in combat.
  • Tactical battle system utilizing the strengths of both characters and allowing for the tagging of enemies for focused combat across multiple turns.
  • A combination of dual wielding sword and magic combat.
  • Gorgeous watercolor-like character art and event scenes.
  • An engaging story of revenge featuring a dark anti-hero.
Additional Screenshots:
Nine dual wielding in Last Rebellion

Sword and magic combat.
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Nine getting chased by a big baddie in Last Rebellion

A variety of Belzed enemies.
Nine setting stamps on specific enemy body parts in Last Rebellion

A tag based battle system.
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Aisha getting ready to lay some magic on two Belzeds with multiple tags each in Last Rebellion

2 ability-specific characters.
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