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God of War III

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God of War III

Sony Computer Entertainment / 2010-03-16

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

God of War III is a single player action game, exclusive to the PlayStation 3, and the final installment of the God of War trilogy. Containing signature and addictive God of War gameplay — a combination of over-the-top action combat, exploration and puzzle-solving — along with an engrossing mythologically inspired storyline and a selection of new weapons and a new weapons system, it is a fitting conclusion to the much praised God of War franchise.

God of War III game logo
Story and Gameplay
God of War III allows players on the PlayStation 3 to take on the climatic role of the ex-Spartan warrior, Kratos, as he treads through the intimidating heights of Mt. Olympus and the dark depths of Hades once more to seek revenge on those who have betrayed him. Armed with double-chained blades, as well a selection of new weapons, Kratos must take on mythology's darkest creatures while solving intricate puzzles throughout his merciless quest to destroy Olympus and the mighty Zeus himself.

Key Game Features

    Kratos in profile from God of War III

    The Ghost of Sparta returns in the final chapter in the God of War trilogy.
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  • Only on the PS3 - The award-winning development team leverages the processing power and technology of PlayStation 3 system to make God of War III one of the most-graphically advanced next gen titles available, with even the dramatic cut screens running off the in-game engine.
  • Groundbreaking Depth of Scale - Kratos will explore areas up to 4 times larger than those found in God of War II, as well as carve through entire armies while navigating on the back of Titans - living, moving, breathing levels as tall as the Empire State Building.
  • Realism - Players will battle in detailed and unique 3D worlds lit by thousands of dynamic lights and textures with quadruple the resolution, which allows for realistic muscle striations, detailed facial expressions, and new heightened levels of brutality and gore.
  • Signature Gameplay - Brutal combat, intricate puzzles, exploration of awe-inspiring worlds, and a compelling and satisfying ending to Kratos’ epic story.
  • Sophisticated Storyline - The God of War III storyline is the epic conclusion to the trilogy; the storyline will be told in a way that is true to traditionalist roots in Greek mythology, from moral consequences to brutal battles against the gods.
  • Ridable Creatures - Several of the menacing creatures of Greek mythology in God of War III can now be manipulated against their will, as Kratos uses them to cross chasms, inflict blind rage against enemies, reveal puzzles and secrets, and as tools of complete annihilation.
  • New Weapons and Combat System - New deadly weapons such as the Cestus — powerful metal gauntlets with devastating strength — and other brutal instruments of war that will allow Kratos to learn ruthless new techniques such as grappling with enemies and launching explosive wall-to-ground attacks.
  • Lighting Technologies - The dynamic lighting solution employed in GOW III is only feasible through the computing power provided by the Cell SPUs. For example, using the High Dynamic Range Lighting (HDRL) technology, the camera – when using Krato’s sightline - will emulate the human retina, causing players to feel a sharp brightness when Kratos exits a dark area and enters a sunlit area, similar to how the human eye would need to adjust.
Kratos with new weapons the Cestus gauntlets in God of War III

Feel Kratos' wrath.
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Kratos grappling towards a centaur boss in God of War III

More baddies and bosses.
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Explosive action in God of War III

New devastating weapons.
Kratos working his way out of a titght spot in God of War III

Action/combat/puzzle play.
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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Hints & Tips: Weapon Carry Over Exploit

There is a glitch where you can carry over your weapons and stuff to a new game. Note that this is an exploit, and may be patched with future updates to your PS3

You need to complete the Challenge of Olympus first.

Open up Combat Arena and set up the game as such:

Health: Unlimited.
Magic: Unlimited.
Item meter: Unlimited.
Difficulty: Titan.

Other settings will not figure into this exploit.

Enemy 1: Gorgon Serpent (set to count 3 with attack and respawn on).
Enemy 2: Gorgon (set to count 3 with attack and respawn on).

Start the match. Proceed to die five times by jumping in the air as the Gorgons freeze you causing Kratos to shatter (and die as a statue) as he hits the ground. Once you have done this, you will be asked if you want to switch to Easy Difficulty. Select "No" and upon choosing this, you will be taken back to the main menu.

Choose 'New Game' at whatever difficulty you like and you will now have all the weapons, unlimited health and a good chance to break the game by breaking things before you normally would(i.e Smashing the onix on the back of the Three Judges heads).

Hints & Tips: Extra Red Orbs

When fighting those sword-wielding Olympian skeletons, kill some so that there about ten left and position Kratos with his back to to a wall. Equip the Claws of Hades (which need to be at level 2 or higher). Repeatedly lash out with the Soul Rip (L1 + CIRCLE) and you'll get hundreds, even over a thousand hits on just a few enemies. The Soul Rip attack deals very little damage. On hard modes you can probably increase the hit count further and be rewarded with more red orbs. Note: If you don't back against a wall you'll have to move towards enemies a bit after each attack.

Unlockables: Modes

Perform the actions below to unlock additional modes:

  • Challenge of Olympus - Complete the game on any difficulty
  • Combat Arena - Beat Challenge of Olympus (all challenges).

Unlockables: Costumes

The following costumes can be unlocked by performing the actions below.

  • Fear Kratos - Complete the game to unlock this costume. "Fear Kratos" does quadruple attack damage. Enemies do quadruple attack damage. Trophies are disabled.

Unlockables: Chaos Mode

Complete the game on Spartan, God or Titan Mode to unlock Chaos Mode (Very Hard).

Unlockables: Godly Possessions

The 10 Godly Possessions found throughout the game can be equipped as "cheats" once you beat the game.

Here are the effects of each Godly Possession. You can toggle these on of off in the Items Menu AFTER BEATING THE GAME once you collect them. Warning: Equipping a Godly Possession disables Trophies.

  • Zeus' Eagle - Infinite Rage of Sparta
  • Hades' Helm - Max out Health, Magic and Item Meters
  • Helios' Shield - Increase the Hits Counter by 3 times
  • Hermes' Coin - Collect 10 time the amount of Red Orbs
  • Hercules' Shoulder Guard - Increase damage taken by a third
  • Poseidon's Conch Shell - Infinite Magic
  • Aphrodite's Garter - Continue to use Athena's Blades (the main weapon from the game's intro / while active, switch to another weapon to Combat Grapple)
  • Hephaestus' Ring - Automatically win all Context Sensitive Attacks ("Quick Time Events")
  • Daedalus' Schematics - Infinite item use
  • Hera's Chalice - Causes the Health Meter to slowly drain over time, never completely emptying it

Hints & Tips: Mysterious Website for Platinum Spartans

If you get the Platinum Trophy, you'll be directed to a mysterious website...





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