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DmC Devil May Cry

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DmC Devil May Cry

Capcom / 2013-01-15

Action / Fighting

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Game Details

Dante is caught between two worlds the world of humans, and the darker, evil world of demons. The child of an angel and a demon, he knows he's neither human nor demon he's an outcast. After a lifetime of being tormented by demons, Dante is a man with no respect for authority or society in general. Join Dante on his mission through Limbo.
DMC Devil May Cry
Revist Dante
Revisit Dante
Child of an angel and a demon
Child of an angel and a demon
Learn Dante's story
Learn Dante's story


Revisit the iconic protagonist, Dante, and other familiar faces of the Devil May Cry franchise and discover the early years that helped define his struggles. Travel with your guide, Kat, whose special psychic abilities allow her access to the demon realm, Limbo. Kat is the right-hand girl to the mysterious leader of The Order a small group of freedom fighters trying to end the demon occupation of the human world. The Order needs one more recruit to help wipe out the demons Dante. Enjoy the same stylish action and fluid combat you've come to expect with a game that perfectly complements the franchise's intense combat and features superb character design, storytelling and cinematics. Battle in intense and iconic sword- and gun-based combat with all-new weapons designed to send each demonic spawn you encounter back to Hell. Use Dante's Angel and Demon powers to chain together ground-based and aerial combos and achieve the best style rankings. Experience what it means to be both Angel and Demon, and show the world the wrath of an outcast.

Key Features:

  • Learn Dante's story through a gripping narrative that takes you back in time to the early years.
  • Join Dante on his mission through Limbo with Kat, medium and right hand to the leader of The Order, who risks her life to help guide Dante on his mission.
  • Use Dante's Angel and Demon powers to transform his Rebellion sword and pull off ground-based and aerial combos.
  • Wield all-new weapons designed to send the demonic spawn back to Hell.
  • Enjoy true-to-the-franchise character design, storytelling and cinematics, thanks to Ninja Theory and the latest performance capture technology.


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