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Armored Core V

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Armored Core V

Namco / 2012-03-20


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Game Details

Armored Core V is a mech combat Simulation game for Next-Gen gaming consoles. The fifth major release in the Armored Core series, the game features extreme customization of the game's robot-like mechanized combat units. This customization includes the ability to create smaller mechs, and more than 500 items to customize them with. Additional features include: 10-player support in online games, a persistent online profile that tracks online and local stats, downloadable content, powerful 'one-hit kill' weapons, and the ability to trade parts and items with other players.
Armored Core V game logo

Come Heavy, Or Not At All

In the gameworld of Armored Core V, the ravages of war and natural disasters have depleted natural resources, leaving mankind in peril, and with an attitude focused on survival at any cost. In this world the area around you, what you gain from it, and the tools for doing so are everything. Wage fierce battles for control of territories using the most powerful weapons of war: armored core mechanized combat units.
A large armored core mech from Armored Core V
Use the power of your armored core mechs to grab the territory you need.
An armored core mech customized with extreme weaponry in Armored Core V
Utilize more the 500 customization options to build the mechs you need.

Choose Your Faction for Local and Online Play

In Armored Core V players join a faction and make strategic and battlefield decisions based on the needs of that group. The overall goal is to acquire territory, which can be altered, to the detriment of rivals. As in earlier releases in the franchise, players can customize their armored core mechanized combat units to fit a variety of needs. In fact, Armored Core V allows for more customization options than ever before in franchise history. Players can upgrade and customize their mechs using 500+ items such as head pieces, cores, arms, legs, and weapons. Armored cores can also be outfitted with a wide variety of weaponry, including new 'Over' weapons, which can destroy enemies with a single round. Designed for strategic use, Over weapons are available in three varieties: close range, long range, and area. Mechs within the game can also be configured to a smaller size than in previous games, making them faster and more maneuverable than in the past. They are also more easily rendered, en masse in online play. Once mechs are configured, they can be stored in garages throughout the play area, making them available more quickly, and as a squad, wherever the player may think that they will be needed.

Players of Armored Core V who have a consistent broadband connection also have to the option of creating a persistent online profile. The profile allows for interactive online multiplayer, in matches up to five-on-five. But online profiles do not necessarily need to equate to online play. Once profiles are setup, they can be used to track both multiplayer online activities, as well as single player success.

Key Game Features

  • Interactive Multiplayer
    • Up to 10 players can play online simultaneously in 5-on-5 cell match-ups
    • Each team's 'operator' sets strategy, conducts recon and issues tactical commands
    • Capture territories to accumulate team and individual points, increasing rank
    • Higher rank enables greater purchasing and customization options
  • Deep Customization
    • Upgrade and customize from 500+ items such as head piece, core, arms, legs, and weapons
    • Collect multiple armored core units and store them in your personal garage
    • DLC components such as emblems will further customize each armored core
    • Trade parts, booster packs, soldier models, BGM, and in-game items with other players
  • A Wide Range of Weapons
    • Base weaponry includes kinetic, chemical and thermal
    • New 'Over' weapons with 'one hit kill' power can change the tides of battle
    • Over weapons are broken into three types: close range, long range, and area

Additional Screenshots

A small mech on duty in Armored Core V
Maneuverable smaller mechs.
A group of armored core mechs and other units in formation in Armored Core V
Persistent online presence.
An armored core mech in a player's garage in Armored Core V
Personal garages for unit storage.
The explosively destuctive power of 'Over' weapons in Armored Core V
Destructive 'Over' weapons.

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