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Tom Clancys Rainbow Six: Lockdown

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Tom Clancys Rainbow Six: Lockdown

Ubisoft / 2005-09-06

Shooter / First Person Shooter


Game Details

Command Team Rainbow in their toughest mission yet! When one of your own is taken hostage, do you follow orders or do you break them, in order to save the life of one of your own men? Rainbow Six 4 features a thrilling single-player campaign that has you playing as either the confident team leader, Ding Chavez, who never leaves a man behind, or as the team’s arrogant sniper, Dieter Weber, who never misses a shot. The final result: a totally immersive experience – which becomes even more compelling when gamers go online to play against other fans from around the world, using voice chat to communicate with one another

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2010-12-01 00:00:00

up down up down left right

unlimited ammo

pitbull 11

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