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Time Crisis 2

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Time Crisis 2

Namco / 2001-10-01


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Two-player light gun action is here. Namco brings the arcade hit home, complete with GunCon2 for added excitement. Two player split-screen or link mode or One player double-gun mode. Includes extra game features for additional challenges.

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2004-11-07 00:00:00

To go to tha place wher you shoot nuthin but the green guys, (instead of tha tank), make sure you destroy all berrals, windows, other green guys, and all other bonuses that dont fight back that come b4 the tank.

we am da best

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Mirror mode: Complete story mode without using any continues.

Automatic weapons: Complete story mode twice.

Unlimited ammunition: Complete story mode three times. Enable automatic weapons on the third attempt.

Wide effect ammuntion: Complete story mode four times. Enable unlimited ammunition on the fourth attempt.

Unlimited credits: Lose the game in story mode. The next time story mode is played, there will be one more credit available. The number of credits will be unlimited (free play mode) after the game is lost with nine credits.

One Stage Trial stage 2: Complete stage 1 in story mode.

One Stage Trial stage 3: Complete stage 2 in story mode.

Crisis mission mode: Complete story mode once.

Music test: Complete Crisis mission mode. This will also unlock Final Mission 2.

More Quick And Crash mini-games: Get one of the top five scores in the Quick And Crash' mini-game.

Shoot Away 2 extra mode: Get a high score in Shoot Away 2 retro mode.

Alternate two player mode: To play a different two player mode without splitting screens, choose double gun mode. One player can use the gun and the other player can use the controller. If you have two guns you can use them both. If you have two controllers you can also use both of them. Both players have to hold Reload to pop up or both players have to release to pop up. Both players also have the same amount of life.

Auto Bullets: Clear Story Mode twice on any difficulty to unlock the ability to fire 20 bullets in one trigger.

Auto Reload: Clear Story Mode on any difficulty level using Auto Bullets and you will then be entitled to unlimited firepower with your gun.





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