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Test Drive Unlimited

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Test Drive Unlimited

Atari / 2007-03-20

Massively Multiplayer Online / Sports - Racing

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Game Details

Live the ultimate lifestyle with the most unique and innovative on-and off-line racing gameplay on PlayStation 2. Fully streaming with no loading times, Test Drive® Unlimited for the PlayStation 2 is M.O.O.R – Massively Open Online Racing – and offers the biggest network of roads, the ability for thousands to play online simultaneously, up to eight-player online races and thousands of miles of diverse Hawaiian roads. Gamers can visit exclusive dealerships to purchase new cars or simply take them for a spin. Winning races, challenges, missions and tournaments earns credits which can be used to purchase new cars, homes and garages. Test Drive® Unlimited is racing reinvented.

* Packed with unique innovations: Over one thousand miles of diverse open roads, Test Drive® Unlimited for PS2 delivers a fully streaming racing experience
* A wealth of licensed cars from 30+ exclusive manufacturers including Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Mercedes, Saleen, Shelby, and Jaguar;
* Ultra Realistic cars : Amazing render quality and unrivalled interior details;
* Create challenges or races from more than 30 in-game rules and settings. Upload challenges created online and become part of the larger Test Drive® Unlimited community;
* 'Quick Race' instant-play mode allows busy players to generate a limitless number of challenges (exclusive to PSP and PlayStation®2 versions);
* Master Points System: earn points for racing, driving, air time, drifting, or winning races, then use the points to unlock new races and progress through the game.
* Connecting gamers across the globe via the internet: online infrastructure gives players the opportunity to race against any of thousands of other players from around the world;
* Community: players can take part in events and challenges, visit car dealers and car parts stores, then meet and race with other players online.

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2008-03-03 00:00:00

I got the game yesterday, it proves worthless to me. I like to just drive around, and race(whatever I want to do that day). I don't like how the throttle isn't pressure sensitive. Another thing I hate about it is that I can't select manual transmission.

jeff trapp

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