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THQ / 2000-10-25

Role Playing Game

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Over the course of time, it had been the Summoners, with their immense powers, who had been able to bring about the end of empires, topple leaders and even challenge gods. Their abilities could be considered a gift or a curse for millions of people depending on how the Summoner decided to use them. Being able to draw daemons, golems and elemental creatures to their world held a responsibility not appreciated by all, and likewise the dangers involved.

Ever since his childhood, when a daemon he summoned to protect his village killed its population including his family and friends, Joseph had been afraid of his power. He had promised never to summon again, his disastrous attempt to help still too painful to think about. Yet through the years, Yago - Joseph's mentor - guides him, preparing him for what one day must come. The fulfilment of his prophecy - to find the rings, the only thing that will stop the invading armies of Orenia.

Along the way Joseph meets and joins with 3 reluctant companions, each with their own reason to distrust Joseph, but each with a stronger reason to stop the advancing enemy. Join with the band of adventurers in this stunning RPG that takes place across an incredible fantasy world where the might of the sword will never be enough. Can they find the Summoners' rings in time?

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2007-06-12 00:00:00


when you finally manage to collect 6 of the pages you need to wander around the world map until you see a man wearing green (he is a mage) he will give you the seventh page for 500,000 BUY IT then he will tell you to kill mortankis again wander round the world map until you get an encounter where theirs loads of frozen bone knights kill them all and go to the top of the frox=zen hill and there will be a lich on a frozen bridge but its not a lich alas it is mortankas but the only thing is he is invincible or is he? attack him with the poison elemental only and he will die giving you the 8th page now find the mage and he will fix the book and it will suck you in and you will fight all 4 riders when you do that you will get the spirit of laharah summon which is incredibly fast good defence and attack

the demon of darkness

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Hidden FMV sequence:
Select the "Credits" option from the main menu, then press while the credits are being displayed.

All Spells:
At title screen hold R2 and press: Circle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle.





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